Thursday, April 28, 2016

Besties Reunion

At the beginning of March, Meg and Shan planned to meet up for the first time since Shan and Jon have moved back!!!!  It would be their first time to meet each other's new babies and of course I had to take a ton of pictures!!  What an epic reunion!!

Shanny and Georgia are now besties!!

Brother and Emory had a cute little pizza date..

And Malchy and G were introduced!!

Baby Kate came to play.. how adorable are these two friends?!

Three besties with our three newest babies!!

It was SO good to be back together again!!

Emory broke out some snacks and became the most popular kid there.

And then we decided that it isn't really a party without dessert!!

With the help of these two cute little friends, we made a cookie cake!!

After all the pizza and sugar, the kids were ready to go!!  Time to play outside.. in the mud and water, of course!

Hahaa, that's one way to wash a car!!  I love this little country girl!!

Brother got in and Emory loved that she was able to get him all wet!!

Okay, seriously??  They. Are. The. Cutest.
Wedding announcements coming soon.

Beautiful babies.

Hahaha! Maybe one day we will get a picture of all the babies looking and smiling..?? I think I actually might miss shots like this, though!!

Besties for the resties.
All 10 of us. ;))
We are SO EXCITED that Shan and Jon have moved back to Pineville and brought a new addition with them!!  Malachi is the sweetest little thing, so adorable, and is always in the best mood!!  And he got to meet Georgia, our newest Shreveport love!!  She is so much like her big sister - beautiful and scrumptious!!  

What a joy it is for us all to be mommies together!!  These friendships, these babies, these visits together - they are encouraging, edifying, and endearing.. and I am so much better for them.

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  1. Yayy!!! This was such a fun day! So thankful for you and Meg! Love all of our babies and how well they play together!


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