Friday, April 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, Alan!!

The last weekend of February, we all got together to celebrate Alan's 31st birthday!!!! Remember his party from last year?! How has another year already come and gone?!  
We love our Knotts family so much and looked forward to celebrating with our Case and Alana!

 Grant and Landry also looked forward to this new game of throwing grass on each other, squealing and laughing, and then running away! Ha!! I love how close they are in age and what cute little friends they make!!

My favorite!!

Samuel enjoyed the show!!

Happy Birthday, Alanaaaaa!!

Ready to eat Mr. Billy's perfect ribs with all Mrs. Dixie's wonderful sides!!

Can we do lunch with y'all every weekend?!

Our favorite Knotts family.

The cutest little group of guys!!

Hope this is one of the best years ever for you, Alan!!
Our lives are so full with the deep friendships we have with the Knotts and we are so thankful for them!!  Let's plan to be neighbors not just here.. but in heaven, too! ;))

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  1. Such a fun party!!!

    Funny that they were throwing grass on each other!!


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