Monday, April 4, 2016

Toledo Bend - Part 1

During the last weekend of February 2016, my parents and sisters and their families joined us at my in-laws camp at Toledo Bend!!  We needed a weekend of rest and relaxation, walking trails and scenic views, benches on piers and sunsets over the water.  We are so thankful to live less than 2 hours away from the camp, and so after Wade got off of work one Thursday night, we headed to Toledo Bend for a long weekend getaway!!

We ended up arriving around 11 that night.. Grant was one tired little boy!  But oh, so cute!!

Vannie was so happy to be there!!

Jason, Heather, and Kate met up with us that night, too!!

Do these big eyes look ready for bed?!  I don't think so.

Nothing like a little Tom and Jerry at the camp.. even when it's almost midnight, ha!

Ready for a good night's sleep and a fun-filled weekend!!

Friday morning, everyone woke up bright-eyed and busy-tailed!!

Heather made her famous Breakfast Casserole..

...and Uncle Wade and Kate discovered a new way to wear a diaper!

While we waited on the rest of the party to arrive, we got ready for a nature hike!!

Spring time is here and the flowers knew it!!  Everything was beginning to bloom which made the sights just heavenly.

Our camp that we love so much!!  Thank you, Nana and Paw, for this blessing!!

First, we walked down to the pier..

..and then we hit up the swings!!

Grumpy Grant, hahaa!! Pouting because he wanted to swing by himself and couldn't.

Teaching Andrew how to swing by himself!!

And then Wadie and I had snuggle time under one of the most beautiful pink trees!!

I love my bear!!

Aren't the blooms GORGEOUS?!

My sweet little bucket and her pretty flower!

There is a prayer garden close to the camp and my soul just worshiped our Creator as I snapped a million pictures of all the beautiful things around me!!

Thank You, Father, for the gift of my family!!

Anddddd here is our real life picture, hahaha!!

Our Poole Party 2016!!

I love this one!!

We then walked down to the boat launch..

It was too cold to get in, but the sounds and the breezes were blissful.

Grant finally figured out how to swing by himself, y'all!  Hahaa!!  To this day, he is still swinging like this and LOVES IT!

And look who we met up with!!  Pops and Grammie, Jenny and Nathan and all the kiddos had arrived!!

We went back to throw things in the water..

Such cute little friends!!

We then hiked to the top of a tall hill and sat down to enjoy the view!!

Well, some of us sat while others climbed and explored.. ;))

Chief on the mountain top!

Helping each other climb down..

We had Grammie's chili for dinner and then headed to the pier to watch the sun drop behind Texas..
y'all, I haven't edited these pictures and I wouldn't even know how to add a filter.  These are actual, genuine pictures of the sunset.. Ahhh, be still, my heart.
"Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
Your faithfulness to the sky." Psalm 36:5

He builds His lofty palace in the heavens and sets its foundation on the earth; He calls for the waters of the sea and pours them out over the face of the land - the Lord is His name. Amos 9:6

Sweet Grammie and Pops loved their view.. and I loved mine! :))

Such sweet memories!!

Grant discovered his love for this hat while we were at the camp.. and I don't know if he ever took it off for the rest of the weekend, ha!  SO CUTE!

Nighty night, my little love bunny.

We ended our Friday night with this view and thanked God for His sovereignty, His grace, and His perfect and glorious handiwork.
So many adventures all in one day.. and so many more to come!!
Part two - coming soon!!

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