Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Toledo Bend - Part 2

On our first night with the whole gang at the camp, we got cozy and had steaming bowls of Grammie's chili!

Once we had eaten and the kids had been bathed and tucked into bed, the grownups played a little Truth or Dare.. and I dared Heather to drink pickle juice for 5 seconds straight, ha! And she did it!!

Wadie loves getting squished by Jenny!!

On Saturday morning, we got ready for the new day!!

Can he please never take off this ball cap?! SO ADORABLE!

Jenny made beautiful homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast!!

"Could someone bring me a cinnamon roll, please?? I am so busy being comfortable..."

Jude got his hiking gear on and we headed outside!!

Y'all.  Everything was starting to open up and bloom and I couldn't stop myself from taking pictures of everything!!

Andrew and Callie - the best of little friends!

I'm enjoying these days of matching my boys.. while they still think it's fun! ;))

Hezzy made two beautiful Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies.  We are big eaters, even at the camp.

Ready to go hiking on our favorite trail!!

Our little women!!

Pictures are getting so much easier as the kids get older.. Everyone is actually looking! Yayyy!!
We were just missing our Brinkers and our Kees!

We saw a log filled with turtles sunbathing.. so we went off-road for a closer look!

My favorite way to do school!!

Gotta love Louisiana.

I love how Jude is looking at Wade!!  Such sweet boys!!

My favorite Wadie.

Our little travelers made it to the outlook!!

"Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.
The voice of the Lord is over the waters;
the God of glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters."  Psalm 29:2-3

The cutest Grammie and Pops ever.

Toledo Bend: Spring 2016

Can we retire now and just move here??

Sadie and Rylie are growing up, y'all!!  Remember those little babies who could fit in baby doll clothes??  Not anymore!!  Thank You, God, for these little BIG girls!!

Their "twin" pose. 

Riding in the truck to another outlook point!!

Love my people.

As the sun slowly went down, we headed back to one of our favorite spots: the Prayer Garden.

Grammie made it rain petals on the little children and they loved it!!

Ahhhh, the views were simply stunning.

Doesn't this just have 'spring' written all over it?!

Back to the pier we went to watch the sun set.. another one of our most favorite spots!!

All the kids got to go down with Uncle Wade and soak their feet in the freezing water for a minute!!

Does it get any better than this?!

We ate my Chicken Tetrazzini (that's right!! Mine!!  I actually cooked, hahaa!), took baths, got in our j's, and met up in the living room for Bible Study!

And then we had a dance party!!

Jenny is always the best at leading dance parties!

Heather, training our children up right, came to teach them how to do the "Footloose" dance!!

Grant thinks snuggling with Daddy is much more fun than dancing!!

Since tv is a treat for our kids, they are usually too excited to sleep and could stay up all night watching. (Like Savannah in this picture, ha!!)  But check out Callie!!  And everyone else who could barely keep their eyes open, even for something as exciting as Pajanimals! Now you know it had been a full day!!
Our last day at the camp, coming up next!!

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  1. 1- hez don't be gross with the pickle juice!
    2- how long did she brown the butter for that cookie? Ha!!
    3- did they all sleep in that bed like that??


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