Saturday, May 28, 2016

Lifegroup Graduation Party 2016

Two of our faithful Lifegroup family members, Zach and Mollie, graduated from LC this May and both planned to move away from Pineville shortly after.  We have grown to know and love these two over the past 4 years, so it was a bittersweet month to have to bid adieu to these sweet souls, yet we looked forward to watching the Lord work in their lives as they began a new season of life.  
On our last Wednesday night with them both, we planned a graduation party at our house to celebrate this huge accomplishment!!  Heather came into town and helped me get everything together.. and I kind of want to keep my house decorated like this for forever.  I absolutely loved it!!

Does it get any more fun than this?!

Heather personally made every part of this.. so unbelievable!!

Our precious Hailey and Zachy!!

I love our lifegroup family!!

Please, let's do dinner together every night.

I planned a few Minute to Win It games.. and oh my gosh!!  We had SO MUCH FUN!  I looooove games and usually have to force people to play with me, so it was nice to make this a requirement for everybody to have to play! Ha!!  1 point if your team completed the game within a minute, 2 points if your team completed it first!

First up: Streamer Roll
First person to unroll two rolls of streamers wins!!
It was me versus Lukey.  
Bring. It. On.

Smoked 'em!  Two points for the girls!!

Next Up: Balloons in the Air
Blown up by our two LC grads!!

The game is to keep 3 balloons in the air within a set space for a minute..

..but it was quickly determined that that was impossible.  Hahaaa!

So we changed the rules to 2 balloons.

And Troy was a beast and won two points for his team.


Malchy has such a pretty face!!

Third game: Stack Em
Stack 25 pennies up, nice and neat, within a minute!

Ugh, the boys won again.

These two were so creative and set up their own racing game on the side!!  How cute!!

Game Four: Suck It Up
Using a straw, you had suck marshmallows up at one end of the table, run them over to the opposite end, and drop them in a plate.  Only marshmallows that make it into the plate count!!

Girls win! Girls win!! This tied us up!!

Game five: Chocolate Unicorn
Stack 7 Ding Dong cakes on your forehead where they have to stand alone for at least 3 seconds!!

It was Wadie vs. Victoria and despite valiant effort..

..neither team could get it to stand up for longer than 3 seconds! Hahaa, I love all the looks of hard concentration here!!

Game 6: Cookie Face
Using only your facial muscles, get 2 cookies from your forehead down into your mouth!!

Y'all.  I had almost 20 pictures from this game.. it was so hard to decide which ones to post because they all made me laugh!!

Love these two, oh, so much.  What a precious part of our family you guys have been.
 You will be so greatly missed.

Samuel is acting like Briley didn't just feed him all the dirty marshmallows and cookies they were finding on the ground, hahaha!!

Believe it or not, the girls and guys had TIED.  And if there's one thing we all hate to do, it's tie.  We had to finish this.  Fight to the death.  Winner takes all.  So we came up with this.
Game 7: Paper Bag Relay
Using only your teeth, each player has to grab a paper bag from off the ground and place it on the table.  First team to get all 4 bags on the table WINS!!  Savannah and Luke joined in the fun and were the first two to face off!

On your mark, get set,
go, Vannie, goooooo!!!

It was such a close race!!

But the GIRLS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the girls dominate, we scream and squeal and celebrate until they can hear us in the next parish!!!  It helps to bring the guys back to earth after all the smack they've been giving us. ;))

Love, love, love our competitive beast of a team!!

Better luck next time, boys. ;))

And then it was group picture time!!
How blessed my life is with all of these precious women!!

Our incredible guys.

My Pineville family.
I am looking so forward to spending all of eternity with each and every one of you!!

It's not a true lifegroup shoot until there's some crazy ones!!

Hahaha.  You guys are the absolute BEST!

Fleming Family of Four right here, y'all!!!

Saying goodbye to our Zach and Mollie was just awful.  It's been an honor, you two!!  We have been so blessed by your friendship and faithfulness to our lifegroup..

Please come back and visit as often as you can!!  We have trash to talk, pictures to take, and games to play, ha!!  I love this one of us, Moll.  I JUST LOVE YOU!!
My Zachy and Moll, congratulations!! We are all so proud of you and thank God for how you've encouraged and enriched our lives.  Thank you for loving Christ, growing with us, and being such a lovely and unforgettable presence in our church body. May the Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26
Know that our lifegroup is praying this over you.. and that you always have a home and a family here with us.  We love you and look forward to all the Lord has in store for your lives!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

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