Friday, May 20, 2016

A Great Good Friday

In true Louisiana style, we celebrated Good Friday 2016 at Jen's house with a crawfish boil!!

Some of us didn't even get out of our jammies..

...but we ALL had a ball!!

Stop it, how cute is he?!

Brave little Vannie!!

All of the other babies were scared of the crawfish. So of course, we did what all good parents do and chased after them while holding a crawfish!!  Hahaaa!!


Vannie is so big and grown up now, she wasn't scared a bit!!  She LOVED holding those crawfish!

Andrew was such a big helper!!

Jen and the largest glass of sweet tea EVER.

Crawfish with family sure makes for one great Good Friday!!

I apologize for the gloves, y'all.  I am ashamed and the Cajun inside of me died a little, but I had sliced my finger just that morning and figured I would take the easy way out this time and use gloves!!  #wimp

However, let me redeem myself a little here and let you know how I taught Callie about the goodness of crawfish claws!!

It's now her favorite part!!  Little bayou baby.

Samuel napped the whole time we ate and woke up right at the end to be snuggled by sweet Aunt Hezzy!
We had a wonderful Good Friday this year, remembering Jesus and the debt we owed that He paid this day.  What wonderful and life-changing news!!  Let's always remember to celebrate Jesus being our Passover Lamb.  May our lives tell His story, for there is power in His blood, amazing grace in His offer of salvation, and this incredible truth: He is the only reason any Friday can ever be considered good.

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  1. the picture of kate running from the crawfish literally made me snot all over myself.


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