Monday, May 2, 2016

Briley Turns ONE!

On March 19, our little Briley Claire had her FIRST birthday party!! She is a precious addition to our Knotts family, our church family, and our neighborhood family!!  We love the gift that she is!!

Throwback to the day she was born: March 19, 2015

This year, Casey and Alan planned her party at the church and Heather even came into town to celebrate!!

How has a year already passed?! 

Briley grew up into a sweet little toddler so quickly!!

Big sister Landry loved all the festivities.. I don't know if she even realized the party wasn't for her, hahaa!!

Sweet sisters.

Loving on her momma..

..and her daddy!!

Without fail, Casey has the BEST tasting cakes and cupcakes at her parties!! And they're gorgeous, too!

Happy first birthday, beautiful Briley!!

Landry came to help out with the candle..

I love these little girls!!

Andrew was ready to dive head first into those pretty cakes!!

One of my most favorite pictures from the dayyyyy!!!!!

And then it was Briley's turn for cake!!

And boy, did she LOVE it!!!

This is soooo yummyyyy, y'all!

She couldn't get it in fast enough!!

Shanny and Hezzy, looking so cute!!

"So this is what a birthday party is like..??"
  Hahaa, I promise to do better by you next year, Samuel!!
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My favorite part of every party:  the CAKE. 

And these babies sure enjoyed it, too!!

The littlest ones at the party!!

So many tiny friends!!

"Umm, is anyone going to save me from all these little people?!"

My Vannie Grace finally let Hezzy put her hair in a top knot and it was my most favorite thing ever.

So glamorous.

Everyone had such a good time!!  Based off of his face, I think Malchy's favorite part was the balloons!

 Savannah - 6 going on 16.

Last throwback: Here is Casey and I at Briley's BABY SHOWER 15 months ago!!

And back in the same room, celebrating her first birthday!!  God is so good!!
God, I pray over Briley's life, that You would mold her and make her into the Godly and gracious woman You would have her be.  I pray that we would speak life and truth over her and that she would learn more about You through our lives.  I ask that You grow a desire in her for You and Your Word and that she would boldly proclaim the blood of Jesus all of her life.  Thank You for the blessing she is!!  We love You, not just because of Your good and wonderful gifts to us, but because they remind us of Your ultimate and perfect gift: Jesus.  These gifts direct us to the Giver and we are forever thankful, forever changed.

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  1. The pictures of all the babies are so cute!!
    Van is never allowed to top knot again! So grown!!!

    And that cake really was delicious!!


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