Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celebrate the Simple

Our homeschool co-op had an Easter basket contest on Monday.  This was Saturday afternoon. Ha!! At almost the very last minute, we decided to participate and ran to the store. A total of $10 was our max budget for this!!  The kids had to be creative (with a little direction from Mommy and Hezzy, ha!!) and decorate their own Easter baskets!

The kids absolutely LOVED doing this!!  I was shocked!
Here is Vannie's bunny she made all by herself!!  I'm pretty sure she draws better than me.

And Andrew's very sweet picture, ha!!

Grammie came over and helped us glue on our bunny tails and ears!!

Our homemade bunny tail we made from yarn!!  I was so proud!!

Tahhhh dahhhhhh!! All done!!

How sweet is this?!

In Brother's basket, we put in grass, rocks, gummi-worms, and a shovel.  Much more fitting to his personality than eggs, ha!!

At first, I thought, "Maaaaan, I should have been watching closer so I could help him with his d.."  And then I thought, "That may be the cutest signature ever."
Autographed by my Anbrew. :))

Bunny tails from the back:

Precious bunnies from the front!!
And I'm so proud to announce that my kids TIED FOR FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!  They had to leave their baskets on a table to be judged and the winners were announced at the end of school.  First place: SAVANNAH AND ANDREW POOLE!!!!!  We were all soooo excited!! They each won a chocolate bunny and we went to Chickfila afterwards to celebrate!!  We may have even gone to the store and picked out more prizes.. 
It's the little things, y'all.  The daily grind can be so special, so sweet if we will stop long enough to appreciate the small things. Things like digging in the yard together on a gorgeous afternoon to find the perfect rocks for inside the basket. Things like Andrew being so close to writing his name all by himself!! Things like cotton tails and bunny ears. And, oh yes. Things like those first place ribbons. ;))

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