Monday, May 16, 2016

Easter Baskets with Nan and Paw

Our precious Nan and Paw came up to visit one afternoon and brought with them tons of Easter surprises!!

Andrew specifically asked for a Ninja Turtle watch and Paw and Nana delivered!!

The kids were so excited!!!

Even Samuel got some prizes!!

Van's favorite gift??  The matching clothes she got for her and her doll!!

Shan, Jon and Malachi came over to join in the fun!!

Malchy Baby crashed on the couch and was just so adorable!!  Sorry for the flash burn in your eyes, baby love.

The girls in their matching jammies and slippers!!  How CUTE!

I love my sweet girl!!

Best little friends!!

I'm pretty sure Van is never changing clothes again.

Nana and Malchy

Shanny, we are SO GLAD you're back!!!

Look at those baby blues..
Thank you, Nan and Paw, for all of the wonderful and thoughtful gifts!!  You make all of the holidays so special for us!!!  We love you!!! 

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