Monday, May 23, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

On the Saturday before Easter, we played at our church's annual Easter Egg Hunt!!  Samuel was late and did not get any eggs.  #momfail  But he did get there in time to take a picture with all of his cute little baby friends!!

Look at those big smiles!!

Aww, Malachi! We are so glad you are here to celebrate Easter with us!!

"I know there is candy in here somewhere.. and I will find it!!"

"Why does everyone else have eggs except me???"

The big kids were ready to take on their egg hunt!!

They conquered that field.

How different our family looks from year to year!!

Beautiful little Ninja turtle boy!!

We love our Zachy so much!!

Sweet baby boy loved those balloons!!

Reason #762 you should live next door to your besties: 
You can take family Easter pictures for each other!!
I love this one of our Folses!!

And just because I can, here are a few pictures of our past few Easters!
6 years ago..

5 years ago:

4 years ago:

2 years ago:

And last year:

Happy Easter 2016 from our Poole Party!!

I had a profound revelation this Easter and want to write it down to remember for always. I've been studying the book of Leviticus and its been AMAZING.  I have loved every minute of it!!  One book that has explained so much of what is happening in Leviticus is the Christ-Centered Exposition: Exalting Jesus in Leviticus commentary by Allan Moseley.  It has fanned the flame in my heart to better understand the law, the sacrificial system, and the God of the Old Testament.  Why bring all of this up on my Easter post?? Because in it are a few sentences that have rocked my world this year.  Try to read this slowly.
Take it all in.

"Of the 365 days God could have chosen for Jesus' crucifixion, God arranged for Him to be crucified by the decision of wicked men on the Friday afternoons when the lambs were killed in preparations for the Festival of Passover.  God was teaching a lesson.  Jesus is our Passover Lamb.  Just as God delivered the Hebrew slaves in Egypt from death when they put the blood of the lamb on the doorpost, God also delivers every person from eternal death when they put their faith in Jesus the Lamb of God who shed His blood for our sin..
God arranged for Jesus, the Son of God and the Lamb of God, to be killed at the time of the Passover to fulfill that part of His old covenant commands. The timing of the death of Jesus is nothing short of a divine miracle and demonstrates that our God is sovereign over time.

 The authorities thought the decision to kill Jesus on the afternoon beginning Passover was solely their decision. But over 1,400 years before that day when God's people were slaves in Egypt, God told them to kill a lamb and put its blood over their doors and He would save them from death.  When God told them that, He knew that 1,400 years later - to the hour - He would arrange the death of Jesus, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world."

Y'all.  Our God.  There's nothing else that can even compare!!  He is supreme and wise and all-knowing.  He is powerful and strong and sovereign.  He authors life and conquered death. What do we ever have to fear in this life?!  It is a privilege and an honor to personally know Him and my heart delights in His way. It is the prayer of my heart that you all know our magnificent Creator who holds the very essence of time in His hand.
Happy Easter, my precious friends!!

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  1. Poor Samuel!!! I didn't know he didn't get eggs!!


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