Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Outdoor Picnics and Front Porch Sitting

Why are trips to Anacoco so refreshing and encouraging??  It's like a balm to my soul!! The cool breeze, the horses in the pasture, the blueberries ripening on the vine, the chairs on the front porch.. it's country living at its finest!!  Not to mention the excellent company. ;))  Every time we go, Heather treats us like royalty and cooks up dishes like this:

We sat out on the old picnic table under the oak tree.. there's just something sweet about eating outside together!!

Thank you, Hezzy and Jase, for this perfect picnic!!

Hezzy, your home is life-giving.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Happy little Grant!!

Grammie and Sammy after he had been bathed and got comfy in his jammies!!

So sweet!!

We spent the night and Grant did.not.sleep.  I ended up driving around Anacoco at 2 in the morning trying to get him to stop crying and go back to bed!!  All he wanted was his daddy. Dumb.
What was I just saying about Anacoco being so refreshing and rejuvenating?!  Haa!  But the next morning, Hezzy brought the kids out to the front porch and started reading "Little House in the Big Woods!"

I couldn't believe it.. the kids LOVED it!!  They just sat, rocked and listened and I was amazed!!

Katie Kate also showed us her Classical Art flashcards.. she could tell us the name of almost every single one!!  Anybody know what that first picture is of?? Kate could tell you!! 

Meanwhile, Grant can tell you how to get to the beach...

Hezzy was so good at reading and kept the kids interested and engaged!!  They didn't want to stop!!  We brought the book home and read about a chapter a night.. 

..and the day that we finished it, we celebrated by having "flapjacks and maple syrup" for dinner!!!

And we partied again the next morning, ha!!  Pancakes are our favorite!!
Can we please do this together for the rest of my life?!  It was SO FUN!!!!!!!!  The kids enjoyed the story, I loved reading them something of such classic quality, and the celebration when we finished was the cherry, berry, syrupy goodness on top!! 

Oh, and p.s.. That flashcard?? It's title is An Old Woman Cooking Eggs.
We are so super fancy and sophisticated, y'all.  I can't even handle it.

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