Saturday, June 11, 2016

Callie's K Graduation Party

On May 9, 2016, Callie Marie got ready for her very own kindergarten graduation party!!!!

She had almost completed her first year of school and we needed a party to celebrate!!

She got in her party dress and warmly welcomed any and all gifts, ha!!

She had several of her friends come to her party, including beautiful Nanny!

Recognize these decorations??  We got our full use out of them, ha!!  Thanks, Hezzy!!

Alan and the rest of the little children loved playing on the tether ball poles!!

Seriously?!  Have you ever seen a more beautiful kindergartner?!

Praying over the meal and our Calalilly.

Jenny!!  What a beautiful meal!!

We love you, Callie, and are so very proud of you!!

Hahaa, Samuel loved all the extra tickles!!

Jase and Kate were shooting some b-ball!

First and Second Samuel wanted to play, too!! 
And this is right before the ball konked Alan in the forehead, hahaha!

Beautiful boy was so happy!!

SO cute!!

Callie got to pick out whatever cake she wanted.. and this is the one she decided on!!  Isn't it perfect?!  Jen, this one is a showstopper!!

We went outside, sang "Happy Graduation Day to You," and cut into this masterpiece!!

Samuel's favorite part was sneaking those Hershey kisses off the side, hahaa!

Such a precious girl.

Cal was SO excited to open up her presents!  Look at that happy face!!

We ended the night with my Kindergarten Trivia game (you know we had to have one!!)  We seperated into two teams:  The Younguns

And the Oldies:
(I would like for the record to show that I was in right in the middle of both groups..  I'm not in my 30s YET!  I still think that qualifies me as pretty young, right?!) 

First up: Charades
Act out a popular children's song!!  Anybody know this one?!?

YANKEE DOODLE, of course!!!

Hahaa, Charades is my favorite!!

Love my precious Wadie and that fancy new haircut I gave him!!!!!

 7:30 PM - the best time of day.

What a precious celebration!!  Callie simply beamed the entire night and it was so special to dote just on her!!  She had to get to bed because the next day was a big one!!  Not only was she graduating kindergarten, but she was asked to pray before the entire assembly!!  What an honor!!  Those pictures, coming up next!!


  1. Waaaa hooooo!!!! Happy graduation Callie!!!
    That cake looks SO yummy!

  2. Y'all have the best cakes ever...truly!!!!!


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