Friday, June 17, 2016

Callie's Kindergarten Graduation

On May 10, Callie graduated from kindergarten at Buckeye Elementary!!

She was also chosen to say the prayer at the start of the program!!

She took the mic and thanked God for this day and for the teachers and students!!  It was SO PRECIOUS!!  We were all so very proud!!

Heading onstage with her class to get her medal!!

Hiiiiii, Callieeee!!

How is she so big and so little at the same time?!

Calling for Callie Marie Sharbono!!

Happy Graduation Dayyyyy!!!

The cool class of 2028!!  (WHAT?!)

After the ceremony, we went to Callie's classroom..

Congratulations, Callieeee!!

She had to get a picture with her teacher, Mrs. Joffrion!

Our squeal squad, ha!!
What a wonderful day celebrating our smart little Callie!!  Thank You, Jesus, for the blessing she is to our lives and the way she has grown over the past year!!  We pray that she grow in Your wisdom and truth, teaching others about You while completing the work You have for her. We love you, Cal-bug!!


  1. Beautiful little Cal-bug !! So big and so little at the same time. God bless Callie !! Love , Grammie

  2. Her eyes are so stunning! I'm pretty sure Callie is still supposed to be like 2. Always and forever.


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