Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Half Cajun & Half Country

So this is what happens for breakfast every now and then when you and your hubby are from Thibodaux and have the envie for some good southern beignets!!  {Aaaaand my computer put red squiggly lines under three words in that last sentence, ha!!}  Only if you've tasted the goodness of made-from-scratch beignets can you understand what a delight this is!!  And my favorite part actually wasn't the powdered sugar.  Or the crispy fried dough.  Or even seeing the kids' faces light up at these!!  My favorite part was working with my Wadie in the kitchen, side by side, me mixing and him frying and all of us jigging around the room to a little Wayne Toups.  And that's the way to do a  Louisiana Saturday morning.

Oh my gosh, yessssssss.

In true Cajun style, we had our little neighbor friend come over and join us!!

And this is how your face should look after breakfast.

Wadie really comes from the best of both worlds, y'all..  he isn't only part Cajun, he is part country, too!!  So to round out our day, we traveled north to the great land of Jena, where we hooked up the wagon to the golf cart and took a ride around the yard!!

Hahaha, how fun is this?!!

Somewhere, somehow, these babies also found a big black marker. :/

But I have to admit, if you're going to have a mustache, this is the cutest way to do it!!

Look at these little matching friends!!

We grabbed our fishing poles and tackle boxes and headed over to Grandmonty and Poppa's pond!!

Andrew absolutely LOVED fishing and caught the FIRST FISH!!!

Paw was next!!

Grant's turn to try!!

Sister caught one!!  This pond was making quite a splash. ;)

Andrew was so calm and patient and quiet.. and that's three words that I don't think I've ever used for him before, hahaa!!  The transformation was unreal!  I think he might really have a knack for fishing!!

They just kept on coming!!

Even Grant caught one!!

And big boy points:  he even touched it!!

Life sure is sweet when it's slowed down and savored.

As crazy as I look, I had to post it.  I caught two fish and two dead tree limbs.  Andrew's knack for fishing is not from me.

All of the kids had a blast, but especially the boys!!

Cousin Jonas came over to join the fun!!

One of my most favorite pictures of the day!!  Boys will be boys, y'all!  They loved looking and petting and playing with all those slimy fish!!

Back at the house, Grandmonty and Samuel enjoyed a bowl of cereal together, hahaha!!

We all felt right at home in Jena!!  What a wonderful, fishtastic day! ;))

Now that we had discovered Andrew's love for it, Wade made quick plans to take him fishing in Pollock.

He had to wake up super early, but Andrew did not mind a bit!!

Sausage biscuits for breakfast while Dad gets us ready for a day at the pond.. does life get any better than this?!

He is too little to be so big. :((

Baiting his hook..

And just like that, he was ready!!

Andrew: Dad, are you sure there are fish in here...??
Dad: Nope.

But just like that, he had caught his first one ALL BY HIMSELF!!


I'm so proud of my little country boy!!

Back at home, the boys laid out and counted all of their fish!!

Way to go, Brother Bear!!!!!!!

"The righteous who walks in his integrity - blessed are his children after him." Proverbs 20:7
Thank you for being a great man to imitate, Wadie.  I pray Andrew grows up to be
Cooking, visiting, fishing, family time.. this is the stuff life is made of.

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