Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Tooth Fairy Time for ANDREW!

See this sweet little face??  This is the last picture I have of my Andrew with all of this baby teeth!!

What I think happened: upon seeing Savannah getting so much money from the tooth fairy, Andrew decided he was tired of missing out.  He worked and wiggled and pushed on that bottom tooth until at last, it got loose and wiggled right out!! It's just a theory, but if there was a boy who could work his tooth out to make money, it would be Andrew!

Grant and Daddy were very happy for Brother!

And now, this is my 5 year old view. Seriously, as cute as can be.

5 dollars, coming right up!!
How sweet life is when your biggest concern is wondering which pillow you should put your "stinky, old, little baby tooth" under..


  1. Andrew is growing up !!! Awww love him. !!! Grammie

  2. Andrew missed on that $20 in your wallet ha!!!


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