Thursday, June 9, 2016

Mother's Day

The weekend of Mother's Day 2016, I snapped this picture of my boys.  Our arms, and our hearts, are so full.

Sunday morning, I woke up to my little rooster, Vannie, and Brother cooking in the kitchen with Dad!!

They all worked together to make me this!! Wadie even made the whipped cream for the top..  Such a precious man he is!!

I poured maple syrup all over it, making sure to overflow almost every single pocket, haha!!  I actually sat down at the table and ate slowly.. two things that almost never happen.  Happy Mother's Day morning to me!!

I decided we all needed to somewhat coordinate on Mother's Day, so I pulled every pink thing we own out of our closets and tried to make something work!  I loved how it all turned out!! 

Happy Mother's Day from our Poole Party!!

Beautiful Wadie with his little tribe.

Real life:  Andrew looks ready to die, Samuel running for his life.

Sweet sibling love.

Psalm 127:3 says, "Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him."
These are my four invaluable gifts sent straight from the Father's hand.  
Oh, how I love Him.  Oh, how I love them.
No paycheck could give me greater joy, no lake house could offer a better view, no work of art could stir more emotion.  Motherhood is exhausting and hard, but it's the most important and most holy work of my life. Pouring myself out into the lives of my children is the best thing I can do, the most fulfilling work, the one nonnegotiable ministry of my life.  

I want to be the mom who has nothing left at the end of the day, because I've given it everything I've got.  The mom who is hoarse from reading aloud so many books and Bible verses and Laffy Taffy jokes.  The mom who has dance parties and camp outs and bonfires and road trips.  The mom who takes her kids for late-night walks so we can look at the stars and feel really, really small.  The mom who disciplines, guards, and protects her dearest ones, no matter the cost, the sacrifice, or the crazy looks.  The mom who delights in being everything to my kids instead of trying to be a something to everyone else.  The mom who brings her children before the Lord, day in and day out, pleading for their salvation and teaching them the fear of the Lord.  

There is no higher calling.  There is no greater reward.


  1. Lissie. Your words are truly inspired from God. Just beautiful. Love, mom

  2. You left out the part about spending half the day at urgent care! Haha!!! Don't you wanna remember that??


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