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Savannah's "Tea at Two" Birthday Party!!

"Wear your party dress and your favorite pearls!!  We are having a tea party just for girls!!  Help us celebrate SAVANNAH TURNING SEVEN!!  All little girls are encouraged to wear their fanciest dress, complete with hats and gloves, jewelry and high heels.. The fancier, the better!  Their dolls are welcome to dress up and join us for Two at Tea as well!!  Pinkies up, everyone!!"

This is what I sent to 10 of our closest little lady friends to celebrate Van's big day!!  When I asked her what kind of party she would like, I expected something like "princess" or "Doc McStuffins."  Instead, her response was, "A TEA PARTY!!!"  She was so excited about it that I knew I had to go all out..  And pinterest became my best friend and worst enemy, ha!!  There are SO many ideas and fun things to do, so with the help of everyone, we put this precious little party together.  And it went down in my book as one of the funnest days EVER.

These little movers got an early start, setting up all the tables and chairs for their sister's party!!

They didn't mind a bit.  They loved helping out and I was so proud.. I look forward to watching them help others as they get older and bigger!!  It's nice to see your kids work, ha!

Even Livi came over to help set up!!

It was SO hot, so we didn't set the food out until right before the party started.. but seriously?!  Can we eat off of fine linens and drink from tea cups every day?!

The birthday girl's special seat!!

Thanks to Heather and a ShopVac, these 130+ balloons got blown up and set up.. I LOVED THEM!!

Paw came to play, too!!

The perfect dress and shoes, jewelry and tiara for this little princess..  Thank you, Nana and Paw, for making us feel so special!!  Savannah could not have looked more royal!!

We were so glad Abigail and Aunt Rebecca got to come celebrate with us, too!!

Time for hair and make up, everyone!!

There were hats and boas, necklaces and bracelets, hula hoops and parasols.
 Here is Kate, trying on some of our fancy hats!!

Beautiful BIG SISTER!!!  Baby Kees Number 2 is coming this December and we are OVER THE MOON EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We can't wait!!!!!!!!!

Two of my favorite guys!!

The Poole boys!! 

Vannie was so happy to share this day with her cousins!!

She's my little princess. My best friend forever.  My sister in Christ.  
It's all I've ever wanted.  I love you more, sweet Van.

Little Miss Kaylee Grace was so fancy in all her sparkles and jewels, haha!!  We love her so much!!

Kate and Kelli at the nail salon!!

Landry found a parasol and loved twirling under it.. it was so darling!!

Such sweet little neighbors and friends!!

Shanny brought the hunk for the party!! ;))

At last, it was time!!  Time to go sit in the hot sun under our clear umbrella's to keep cool! (HA!!) But even the weather was no match for these girls's sunny dispositions!!  There is no getting down when you're wearing heels and a hat.

Thanking God for one of the four greatest blessings in my life.  I will be eternally grateful, Father!  With every beat of my heart, may it proclaim gratitude!!
{Also, Landry's face here is my FAVORITE!!  I love this one, Case!!}

Y'all, fruit and vegetables make the prettiest platters at parties!  Thanks, Hez, for getting this all together!!  It was so colorful!!

The Gourmet Menu:
Royal Peanut Butter and Jelly Butterfly Sandwiches
Elegant Chicken Salad Flower/Heart Sandwiches
Grandiose Potato Chips and Magnificent Chex Mix
Hoity-Toity Fruits and Veggies
The Pink Princess: Strawberry Lemonade
(with optional additional sugar cubes because that's fancy..)

Which peasant wants to hold this umbrella up while I nibble my sandwich??

Little Audrey came to celebrate, too!!

I loved catching this one of Van looking at herself in the mirror.  I think she LOVED her party!!

Hez made each and every fruit pizza.. and they were delicious!!

We also got some of Atwood's Petit Fours.. because it's the greatest bite of cake EVER.

I loved how bright and beautiful everything was!!

Southern Living Magazine called and wants to know when KG can be their cover model!!  Hahaa!!  She has this royalty thing down pat!!

Miss Scarlet.

Sweet Jenny and her Vannie!!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Vannie!!!!!  With all my love.

Vannie and Grammie!!

With all the Almond Tea and Chicken Salad Croissants and Lemon Squares that we could hold, it was time for CAKE!!!  Nana is so wonderful about getting the kids their birthday cakes..  she takes good cake seriously!!  This year's cake was not only beautiful and matched our party perfectly (which was NOT planned!  Thank you, Jesus!  How precious!!), but it was top-of-the-line and incredibly delicious!!  Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Filling.. perfect.

Lord, thank You for our friends and cousins and neighbors that mean so much to us.  Thank You for their investment in my children, in the way they love us and the impact they've left on my heart.  May each of these girls be Yours, salt and light, spending their lives bringing others to You by their joy-filled smiles, their tender hearts, and their gentle and quiet spirits.  

One last birthday cake for my Vannie!!

Happy sweet seventh!!

We don't really ask people to bring presents to our birthday parties, just because we already have so much.. This year, though, so many of our friends were generous and thoughtful and brought Vannie prizes!!  She was SO EXCITED to have so many gifts to open and called to get everyone's attention before she started tearing into them, hahaa!!

While Savan opened presents, Kate did her make up. Hahaa!!  But look at that doll face!

Andrew had made plans with Troy to have a MEN'S ONLY grill out next door during the party!!  (Seriously?!  How cute is that?!  We love our neighbors!!!!!)  Once he saw the cake being cut and presents being opened, though, I spotted him like this!!  Hahaa!  He wanted in on some of that!!

The MEN'S ONLY grill out!! ;))

Kate made herself at home,  ha!!

I love this one of Abs!!

And Andrew got his cake. ;))

We ended our tea the way any good celebration ends..
with a DANCE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone kicked off their heels and began to whip, whip and watch me nae nae!! 

Doing the stanky leg, hahaha!

Shanny and Malchy were dying to get out there and dance, too!!

Kate, not so much.  Hahaa!!

Best little friends.

Chicken dance time!!!!

This was one of my favorite songs!!  Look at these SMILES!!!

Next up: THE MACARENA!!!!  

I think this was the grown-ups favorite song!!  Everyone started feeling it right about now..

Can anybody guess which song this one is?!

Loose!  Footloose!!  Kick off my Sunday shoes!!

How many twirls can one dress hold?? You'll have to ask this girl!!

Here we go, Hokey Pokey!!!!!!
 think we had as much fun as the kids!!  Dance parties should be a weekly must when you live so close to your sisters!!

More pink tea for my favorite redhead!!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME AND CELEBRATED OUR VANNIE WITH US!!!!!!!!!  And those who were with us in spirit!!  We are beyond grateful for you!!  You are our favorites. :))

After everyone left, Savannah couldn't wait to try on her new ballerina leotard!!

And the boys couldn't wait to get that big beach ball blown up!!

And then we spent the rest of the day sitting on Paw, ha!!

I asked my mom afterwards what she thought about the party..  She absolutely loved it and said it's likely one party that Savannah will never forget.  I hope so!!  Although using real china, fancy linens, and a million balloons isn't the easiest way to have a party, sometimes you just have to go the extra mile.  Otherwise, you'll look up, your kids will have grown up and you will have missed the chance to do it.  I didn't want that.  I wanted to celebrate the life of my little girl - sparkly tiara, pink lipstick, fancy high heels, and all.
What's amazing is that this wasn't just one of the funnest days of Savannah's life. It was one of the greatest days of mine.  This endearing, regal affair is one I'll hold in my heart fondly.. and happily ever after.

Now.  When can we do it again?? ;))

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  1. This party was absolutely gorgeous!!! What a fancy little gathering for a special princess! Wish we could have been there!!


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