Friday, July 29, 2016


At the beginning of June, Savannah and some of her cousins participated in VBS at Kingsville!!  After a fun-filled week, they had a Sunday night service where the kids could show us some of the songs they had learned that week!!  
Here is Callie, front row and center!!

There were a TON of kids there, which was so neat to see!  Savan is in the third row, between the blue and green signs.. blue outfit, big red bow!  Can you find her?!

Rylie is in white in the center, Sadie is on her side and Van is next to her!!

Savannah loved coming home and practicing all of her songs, so it was wonderful to watch her perform them with so many other kids in front of everyone!!

I had to sneak out early because Samuel was making a scene, ha!!  So I went to the balcony where he could play a little, ran into Alice' (Hiiiii, Alice'!!!!) and found our squeal squad taking up three rows at the bottom!!  Ha!! I love how we all show up for important things like this!

Afterwards, two of my boys wanted their turn on stage. :))
KBC VBS was such a neat week for Van.. thanks, Jen, for bringing her everyday!!  We had a great time at Kingsville and it makes me so excited to start Monday School back there again!!  And this time, our cousins will be with us, too!! 
We. Can't. Wait!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jude Turns 3!!

On June 10, our Jude William Sharbono turned 3!!  Jen planned a wonderful party for our little Judey, but first!  Do yourself a favor and click on this link.. You MUST see this post to remember the day he made his debut: Happy Birthday, Jude!!  These pictures are some of the best!!

Jen created a gorgeous menu, as always..

..and had a simple, but so sweet family birthday party for her little boy!!

Sprinkles: the more, the merrier!!

Practicing blowing out his candle, hahaa!

Happy Birthday, Jude Man!!

Opening his presents, whooo hooo!!

That's one happy boy!!

Meanwhile, Rylie brought Heather's friend, Mocha, inside and gave Jen a heart attack. Ha!!

Tools so he can work with his Poppa!!

Hahaa, Heather, the crazy cat lady!!

Telling everyone THANK YOU!!

Who knew that 7 pound, 14 ounce baby would grow up to be such a man?!
We love you, Jude William!!  You are silly, beautiful, and the funniest little storyteller!! You are a precious part of our family and we are so thankful you are here!! We love watching you grow and pray that you develop a tender heart for the Lord, leading all of those around you to Him.  May you become a strong and godly man, obedient to all that God calls you to do in this life..  We will all be rooting you on!
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Jude!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Holiest of Callings

A few pictures of our hot Louisiana summer:

Here is Samuel and his best little friend from next door, Jack!!  They got in this chair by themselves and rocked together.. too sweet!

Can I take a minute here and brag on my Vannie..??  She is supposed to start second grade in the fall, but we have slowly still been doing school over the summer.  The last book that she read by herself was a 2.8 AR level..  which is an advanced second grade book!!  I am so proud!!  Reading is such an important skill and one that I've longed to give my kids a deep love for.. And I believe Vannie does!!

"Get a library book and go read on the deck" has been a familiar saying around here this summer!

They even took turns being the teacher reading to the class, ha!!

Those boys get hot out there on that deck, though.. so we broke out the clippers and went to work!!  With 4 boys in the house needing haircuts once a month AND haircuts being $15 a head, we are learning how to just do it ourselves, ha!! Dave Ramsey would be so proud. ;)) 

Lovely little Livi!!

Maybe my most favorite picture of Savannah yet.  Oh, my heart!!

This is what happens when Andrew gets to pick out a prize at the store, chooses Trix, gets home, tears into the box and is so excited, he twirls the box in the air and they all pour out.  MINI Trix at that. Sighhhhh.  They all got a handful off the ground and then we enjoyed scooping them up as they rolled around, leaving their sticky sweetness everywhere.  #momlife

My Baby Grant!!

Scuse. I'm on a call.

Hello, cutiest little thing with your little scrubs on!!

Borrowing some of "Maw Maw's" milk. ;))

Okay, so this was just adorable.  Grant heard a big noise coming down the road and started screaming for Andrew to hurry up and come see!!  Lo and behold, there appeared a GARBAGE TRUCK!!  They both stood in the doorway, absolutely fascinated..

Please look at Grant's expression!!  They were SO EXCITED about this big truck that stopped for 15 seconds outside of our house, they just stood there totally captivated!!  Hahaa, it's the SUPER simple things, y'all.
I read a story last night called, "Motherhood - It Will Change Your Life," about a woman considering starting a family with her husband and asking her friend's advice..  The friend says, "It will change your life!" While the first woman takes that to mean no more spontaneous vacations, no more free nights, etc.. the mom begins thinking of ways to adequately explain motherhood. How it changes us.  How we fall more in love with our husbands (for things her friend would now think unromantic), like when they never hesitate to play with the kids or willingly change that dirty diaper. How our once oh-so-important ambitions pale in comparison to what we hope for our children.. how we get to experience the excitement of simple things (like garbage trucks!) through our children's joyful eyes and expressions.. and ache through sleepless nights when our children are feverish. 

The story ended with this:
"I want to describe to my friend the exhilaration of seeing your child learn to hit a baseball.  I want to capture for her the belly laugh of a baby who is touching the soft fur of a dog for the first time.  I want her to taste the joy that is so real, it actually hurts.  My friend's quizzical look makes me realize that tears have formed in my eyes.  "You'll never regret it," I say finally.  Then reaching across the table, and squeezing my friend's hand, I offer a silent prayer for her and me and all the mere mortal woman who stumble their way into this..
the holiest of callings."

I am not just a stay at home wife and homeschooling mama..  Ladies, we are not simply humble housekeepers. We are not merely babysitters or dishwashers or chauffeurs.  We aren't just teachers or nurses or people who can read a chapter book aloud.

 We are so much more.

As mothers, we all carry the heavy responsibility to daily bring our children to the feet of Jesus.  To pursue holiness in our homes.  To say no to certain things in order to say YES to more intentional family time together.  To guard over our households with wisdom and keep watch over those the Lord has graciously bestowed to us.  To persevere in prayer for those little people who can't go to bed without water and a banana and extra hugs and kisses, those tiny faces with their runny noses and dirt-smeared cheeks.  Let's see beyond those precious faces to the lives that they will one day touch, the nations they may one day reach.

 Let's join together, as we face the evilness and insanity of this world, to raise up a generation that craves Christ, desires His Word, and knows how to love and obey Him by our example.  Let's hold our heads highly as we boast in the cross while walking humbly to the weighted calling the Lord has given us. 
The holy calling of motherhood.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Water Day at Pleasant Hill!

At the end of May, Heather's sweet church hosted a Memorial Day Celebration, complete with snacks and the biggest water slide I've ever seen!!  I brought the kids over to spend the day and they were over-the-moon excited!! Especially when they arrived and saw these darling Mickey Mouse cupcakes that Aunt Regina had made for birthday boy, Grant!!

Grammie joined in the fun, torturing all the little children inside of the bouncy house, haha!!

Uncle Jason tried to bring Grant down the water slide.. I'll let Grant's face speak for itself.

Andrew and Van, on the other hand, LOVED it!!

Jude and Kate had such a great time, too!!  Just look at these smiles!!


Grammie and I got tired of watching all the little kids have all the fun.. and so we decided to join in!!  Hahaa, how amazing is this?!

My turn!!  I'm pretty sure I just sat up and screamed here for 15 straight seconds..  it was so much faster that what I was expecting!!  Oh my goodness, so much fun!!

Mom and I then started racing each other..

These faces!! Hahahaa!!

Me screaming, I WON!!  I WON!!!  Because I'm mature like that.

The two oldest people on the slide.  Having the time of our lives.

The little boys did not love the water slide, so they played on the swingset, instead!!

Bye bye, Pleasant Hill!!  You were so good to us!!

However, on our way home, I saw a huge snake in the road up ahead!!  Being the mighty hunter that I am, I screamed, slowed down, and barely even inched over it with my tire, haha!!  So my mom made me back up and go forward over it a million times until he was perfectly positioned under my tire!!

After I had sat on it for awhile, Grammie got out of the car, got a stick and beat it over the head, saying, "This is what you get, snake, for what you did to Eve!!"  Hahahaa!! Oh, I love my mom!!

A seriously humongous snake.  Anybody know what kind it is?!

And this is just so you don't leave a with a picture of a snake in your head. ;))
We love our Anacoco, even if they do have mighty pythons hanging around. ;))  Thank you for a wonderful water day!!

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