Friday, July 1, 2016

Back to the Cross - KBC Children's Play

One Sunday morning, we went to Kingsville Baptist Church to watch our Sharbono girls perform in the children's church play!!  The theme was Back to the Cross and the kids dressed up from different decades, going all the way back to Jesus' time!  It was precious.. and the girls were adorable.
See what I mean?!

Cute Grant trying to edge Samuel out of Daddy's lap, hahaa!

Pretty little princess!!

Coming sit by her favorite Andrew!!

And then it was Sadie and Rylie's turn!!  Can anyone find them?!  Top row, last two on the left!!

Their decade was the Roaring 20s.. please look at the cutest flappers EVER!!  Rylie is in purple..

..and Sadie was in red!!

Nanny made their dresses and they were absolutely perfect!!

Swinging their pearls, hahaa!

Tahhh dahhhhh!!  So cute!!

After the play was over, I ran up to the front to take pictures!!  I am that person, ha!!

These kids were WONDERFUL in their first big church performance!!  We can't wait to go back and watch the next one!!

After church, we walked out to the parking lot.. and spotted our most favorite playground!!  This is where the kids go to Monday School, so they were thrilled to see the empty (and beckoning!) play-sets.. We decided to postpone lunch and let the kids play awhile.  I'm so glad we did!!

"I'm ready to ride that pony over there, servant girl."
It was cool and breezy and after taking pictures, Wade and I just sat on the swing, rocking and watching our babies play.. And that's pretty much our definition of what Sunday should look like.


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how stinking cute are they in their program?! I love that!!!!!! And as I was looking at the playground pictures I was thinking, "it sure does look nice and cloudy! We want to come play!"

  2. I have that swing!!! Tell them come swing over here!!!
    And they are they sweetest little flappers!!


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