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Grant's 3rd Birthday Celebrations!!

In honor of my Baby Grant's third birthday, I thought we should go back and look at a few pictures of when it all started:
May 29, 2013

Newborn Baby Grant at 6:20 pm.

Finding out he would be a big brother on his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!

And looking so grown up at THREE!!

Nana, Paw, and Will planned a birthday celebration for Grant at Toledo Bend, so on the last Thursday night of May, we drove up to see some of our favorite people!!

The next morning, we were ready for a day of fun and adventure.. and biscuits!!

Drink all my chocolate milk in one long drink??  Nailed it!!

Hahaa, little Samuel was loving this!!  Who needs toys when you have stairs?!

After breakfast, it started to POUR outside.  Like cats and dogs POUR.  So we took off our socks and tennis shoes, snuggled up in a giant bed, and turned on the tv to watch a morning full of cartoons!!  That was such a treat for these three!!  Nothing like going to the camp to get a little cable, hahaa!

Meanwhile, Paw started on his masterpiece:  Shrimp Etouffee.
This was the start of something beautiful, y'all!!

Cutie little cousins.

Wade and the kids went to the pool for about an hour and I went for a short run.. but had to run back to get my camera so that I could get a picture of this!!  See the storm crossing the lake?!  You could watch it as it left Texas and came closer and closer!!  It was beautiful and terrifying, ha!

While the storm raged outside, Grant opened his presents inside!!

Thank you, Nana and Paw, for making his birthday so special!!

Watching his new boots light up..

Paw's Buttered Toast was 2 ingredients.  French bread and butter.  And it just doesn't get any better than this, y'all!!

Time for dinner!!

I'm so thankful to be a part of a family of such good cooks!!  Just look at this plate!!

Afterwards, it was time for cake!!

Samuel.. still on those stairs.

Cake and ice cream for all before we called it a night and headed back home!!  It was a quick trip, but so, so wonderful!!

We made it back home and Wade went to work the following day.. but we had big plans for his next day off!! Wadie picked out a menu for Grant's birthday and everyone wanted to help cook!! There were lots of little chefs in our kitchen that day!!

Oh my goodness, does life get any better than this?!

Happy Birthday Week, my Baby Grant!!

I hung a few last minute balloons and streamers and invited a few friends over.. My mom always had the whole kitchen decorated with tulle and balloons every morning of each of our birthdays!!  It was a lot of work, but always made us feel SO. SPECIAL.  Thank you, Mom, for your thoughtfulness!!  This is my poor attempt to be like you!!!!!

 Y'all.  I know this is like 15 of the exact same picture.. but they were sooooo cute!!!! Samuel loved the ribs almost as much as he loved those stairs!!

Don't want to miss out on any of that sauce!!

Ribs make me happy, happy, happyyyyy!!

I would feed him ribs every single day if he promised to always look this cute eating them, hahaa!!

Grammie and Pops came over and brought prizes for the big birthday boy!!

A few great friends.  Amazing food.  A whole lot of hugs and kisses.  
This is the Poole birthday way, ha!!

Trying out his brand new BIG BOY BIKE!!

I mean.. seriously?!  I could put him on a spoon and eat him right up!!

After we had gone inside and gotten in our jammies, Grant asked in the sweetest little voice if we were still "going at splash pad." We had told him earlier that day that we might go to the brand new splash pad in town if we had some extra time in the afternoon.. but then had decided to just go another day. However, after that most precious voice asked us to go, we couldn't say no!  There was only one hour left before it closed and we live 15 minutes away!!  So everyone raced to get on their swimsuits and jumped in the car.. and this is the face we got when we pulled into the splash pad..  Hahaa, he was completely worn out!!

But not for long!! The other kids were diving out of the car and racing to the splash pad!!

Samuel wanted to know why all the benches were crowded and he had no place to sit and eat in quiet.  Look. At. That. Mean. Mug. 

Biggest smile!!!!

The mean mug worked!!  HA!

I love that they have each other to play and go on adventures with.. our family is at its best when we are all snuggled in closely together.

This is the face of a tired momma who realized she didn't make a cake for her big 3 year old son!!  #momguilt!!!! So at 10 o'clock that night, I pulled out the cocoa powder box and made one of our favorite birthday cakes... Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cake.

We called all the kids to the kitchen {except Samuel}...

...and sang happy birthday to our precious little Grant!!

This face was worth every dirty dish, every lost moment of sleep, and every bit of waiting that night!!

Oh, my Baby Grant!!  May you always be so happy, so sweet, and so absolutely edible!!  I just love your golden hair, your big blue eyes, your high and oh, so cute voice!!  It is a treat just to hear you talk and sometimes Mommy and Daddy ask you to repeat things over and over just so we can listen to you!!  You are simply scrumptious!!
I pray that you will trust the Lord with all of your heart for all of your days.  That you will not lean on your own understanding, but that in all of your ways, you will acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
You are His image-bearer, little Grant.  Trust Him, love Him, obey Him.  There is nothing I want more for you than this.
You make your daddy and me so very happy, Grant!!  You are our ray of sunshine, our little rooster, our adorable G-Money!!  Happy 3rd birthday, my delightful little boy.

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