Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Jude Turns 3!!

On June 10, our Jude William Sharbono turned 3!!  Jen planned a wonderful party for our little Judey, but first!  Do yourself a favor and click on this link.. You MUST see this post to remember the day he made his debut: Happy Birthday, Jude!!  These pictures are some of the best!!

Jen created a gorgeous menu, as always..

..and had a simple, but so sweet family birthday party for her little boy!!

Sprinkles: the more, the merrier!!

Practicing blowing out his candle, hahaa!

Happy Birthday, Jude Man!!

Opening his presents, whooo hooo!!

That's one happy boy!!

Meanwhile, Rylie brought Heather's friend, Mocha, inside and gave Jen a heart attack. Ha!!

Tools so he can work with his Poppa!!

Hahaa, Heather, the crazy cat lady!!

Telling everyone THANK YOU!!

Who knew that 7 pound, 14 ounce baby would grow up to be such a man?!
We love you, Jude William!!  You are silly, beautiful, and the funniest little storyteller!! You are a precious part of our family and we are so thankful you are here!! We love watching you grow and pray that you develop a tender heart for the Lord, leading all of those around you to Him.  May you become a strong and godly man, obedient to all that God calls you to do in this life..  We will all be rooting you on!
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet Jude!!!

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