Friday, July 29, 2016


At the beginning of June, Savannah and some of her cousins participated in VBS at Kingsville!!  After a fun-filled week, they had a Sunday night service where the kids could show us some of the songs they had learned that week!!  
Here is Callie, front row and center!!

There were a TON of kids there, which was so neat to see!  Savan is in the third row, between the blue and green signs.. blue outfit, big red bow!  Can you find her?!

Rylie is in white in the center, Sadie is on her side and Van is next to her!!

Savannah loved coming home and practicing all of her songs, so it was wonderful to watch her perform them with so many other kids in front of everyone!!

I had to sneak out early because Samuel was making a scene, ha!!  So I went to the balcony where he could play a little, ran into Alice' (Hiiiii, Alice'!!!!) and found our squeal squad taking up three rows at the bottom!!  Ha!! I love how we all show up for important things like this!

Afterwards, two of my boys wanted their turn on stage. :))
KBC VBS was such a neat week for Van.. thanks, Jen, for bringing her everyday!!  We had a great time at Kingsville and it makes me so excited to start Monday School back there again!!  And this time, our cousins will be with us, too!! 
We. Can't. Wait!!!!!!!!!


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