Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer State of Mind

Getting the kids up and fed and dressed on Sunday mornings is SO HARD, especially because Wade has to work half of the Sundays every month.  But once the hard part is over, I so enjoy taking pictures of my babies all dressed up and ready to go!!  We never make it to church on time; I am working on that.  Buuuut, I can stand to be a few minutes late if I get to take a few pictures of these beauties. ;))

Hahaa.  My little BOY.

I don't know if Adventurous Andrew is protecting his family or going hunting, but I do know he is dang cute!!  It's an honor, my babies!!  You make me so very happy!!

Hezzy came into town and spent the day with us out at Jen's house!!  We even put this pregnant momma to work, harvesting the garden.

Little beans on the outside, little bean on the inside. ;))

Such beautiful produce, Jenny!!

The farm women.

Why can't we all look as cute as Kate does when we first wake up?!

Hahaha!!  I love these little TWINS!!

Without knowing it, Shannon, Kelli, and I all bought the same little romper for our boys!!  So, of course, that calls for picture time.

I love how close all of these boys are in age and look forward to watching them grow up and sharpen each other in the Lord!!

These two had a dinner date at their very own table..  just being grown. ;))
I am loving these hot, but sweet days, y'all!!
We're in a summer state of mind over here.

top knots.
tank tops.
sun block.
flip flops.

Yes, please, and thank you.


  1. Speak for yourself I do look as cute as Kate when I wake, HA!
    But for real can our boys always match??

  2. OMG the matching in this post makes me SO SO happy!!!! The boys in blue and then all the boys in their rompers!! My heart is obsessed!!!!


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