Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Water Day at Pleasant Hill!

At the end of May, Heather's sweet church hosted a Memorial Day Celebration, complete with snacks and the biggest water slide I've ever seen!!  I brought the kids over to spend the day and they were over-the-moon excited!! Especially when they arrived and saw these darling Mickey Mouse cupcakes that Aunt Regina had made for birthday boy, Grant!!

Grammie joined in the fun, torturing all the little children inside of the bouncy house, haha!!

Uncle Jason tried to bring Grant down the water slide.. I'll let Grant's face speak for itself.

Andrew and Van, on the other hand, LOVED it!!

Jude and Kate had such a great time, too!!  Just look at these smiles!!


Grammie and I got tired of watching all the little kids have all the fun.. and so we decided to join in!!  Hahaa, how amazing is this?!

My turn!!  I'm pretty sure I just sat up and screamed here for 15 straight seconds..  it was so much faster that what I was expecting!!  Oh my goodness, so much fun!!

Mom and I then started racing each other..

These faces!! Hahahaa!!

Me screaming, I WON!!  I WON!!!  Because I'm mature like that.

The two oldest people on the slide.  Having the time of our lives.

The little boys did not love the water slide, so they played on the swingset, instead!!

Bye bye, Pleasant Hill!!  You were so good to us!!

However, on our way home, I saw a huge snake in the road up ahead!!  Being the mighty hunter that I am, I screamed, slowed down, and barely even inched over it with my tire, haha!!  So my mom made me back up and go forward over it a million times until he was perfectly positioned under my tire!!

After I had sat on it for awhile, Grammie got out of the car, got a stick and beat it over the head, saying, "This is what you get, snake, for what you did to Eve!!"  Hahahaa!! Oh, I love my mom!!

A seriously humongous snake.  Anybody know what kind it is?!

And this is just so you don't leave a with a picture of a snake in your head. ;))
We love our Anacoco, even if they do have mighty pythons hanging around. ;))  Thank you for a wonderful water day!!

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