Saturday, August 27, 2016

Pooles Take Baton Rouge - Part 2

On the Fourth of July, we woke up and got everyone ready for one of Momma's most favorite holidays!!!!!!!!

Your eyes are probably going to hurt after all of this red, white, and blue, but I can't help it..
It's my FAVORITE!!

Peace out, Hilton. We have a city to explore!!

Future's so bright, we gotta wear shades. ;))

Someone tell me why she is 16 already?!

Can we match outfits every single day of our lives, PLEASE?!

We grabbed some granola bars and headed out to take on the city.  We made it all the way to the corner before we knew we needed coffee.  A Velvet Vanilla Latte, to be exact, and oh my goodness.  Vanilla. Coffee. Heaven.

Family selfie in front of the Mighty Mississippi!!

We walked down to where the city was beginning to set up the Freedom Festival..  now that we knew were it was, we started to explore some of the downtown streets.

Forget the Disney stars, I see 3 perfectly beautiful ones right here!!

We came across this construction site and the kids (hilariously) loved it!!  They were amazed and asked so many questions about it..  I love when things I would normally have overlooked suddenly take on new life.

I thought this wall was so neat.. it really looked like a waving flag!!

There was an American flag, too, and Brother asked if he could take the picture.  Hahaa, can you even find me and Savan?!

We then stumbled across the Old Governor's Mansion!!

We knocked on the doors, but nobody was home.

We didn't mind, though.  The outside view was absolutely gorgeous.

After a few hours of walking around, we decided we were wimps, it was too hot, and we needed to go back to the hotel for a dip in the pool, ha!!  So we started back and found the neatest little section of town!! See where Andrew is laying on the ground?!  Those were speakers playing all sorts of wonderful, patriotic music!!  We sang My Country, Tis of Thee all the way back to the hotel!!  SO DELIGHTFUL!!  Can we just keep that playing 24/7?!

It was closed, but I decided that we MUST see the inside of this beautiful place before we headed home the next day.. and I am so glad!!  It turned into one of my most favorite parts of our trip!!!

So hot. So sweaty.  But everyone, smile and look happy because this the OLD STATE CAPITOL!!!
Hahaa, the boys were less than impressed.

Finally, everyone was right where they wanted to be.. in a big, cool POOL!

Except then a monsoon came.

This is when I realized water was getting inside my camera lens. :((((
But we hurriedly got indoors and watched as a huge storm rolled in!!

The kids loved watching everyone on the streets running around trying to find shelter, the raindrops pounding the windows, and the lightning strikes brightening up the sky!!  Andrew even made his own little newscast about the bad weather, ha!!  So cute!!

Wade and I enjoyed the reprieve.  The kids watched the storm and played on the Ipad while we got to enjoy a few episodes of Shark Tank. ;)) The rain gave us the excuse we needed to just sit back and relax, something this homeschool mom rarely lets our family do on vacations!!
After the storm passed, we got ready and headed out once again.  It was time!!
Time for the USS KIDD Freedom Festival on the Riverwalk in Baton Rougeeeee!!

We walked up on the news reporter interviewing the guy running the PIE BAKING CONTEST!! How fuuuun!!

There were so many neat games for the kids:

Grant saw a helicopter and thought it was the coolest thing ever.. hahaa, so sweet!!

Samuel enjoyed people-watching as much as we did, ha!!

Changing bands (from patriotic music to country!!) and announcing the winners from all the contests!!

And then it was dinner time. And what else should one have at a Freedom Festival on the 4th of July but CORN DOGS and LEMONADE?!

Wadie's Shrimp BLT from Galatoire's!!  Yummy, but Wadie says there was too much bread and not enough meat! ;))

I'd sure like this cutie on a piece of bread!!  Hahaha!!

My $6.00 Louisiana Lemonade.  Yikes!!  But SO YUUUUUM.  (I accidentally had another one after this.  Y'all, for real. Best lemonade of my life!!)

Two very happy little boys:

And we topped it all off with snow cones.

Suuuuuuch a fun little festival!!

Kids' last ride before the fireworks show!!

Vannie running in the huge hamster wheel!!  I don't think either one liked it as much as they thought they would.. that thing looks scary to me, too!!

We walked as far away as we could from the most crowded areas and got to a place where we could sit and spread out..

We waited for about 30 minutes and then all of a sudden, the fireworks were being set off from a ship DIRECTLY in front of us.  It was absolutely wonderful.

We loved the 30 minute fireworks show!!  Afterwards, we walked down the levee and up the block to our hotel. (So nice staying so close to the Riverwalk!)  After a very full, very patriotic 4th of July, we got ready for bed.. and then my little 5 year old lost his second tooth while brushing his teeth.

And boy, was he proud!!!!!  He put his tooth in this little baggie and I said, "Brother, I hope the tooth fairy knows the way to our hotel to find you!!"  To which Andrew replied, "Of course she does.  She's already here..  She's YOU!!"  Hahaha, smart little boy!!  And the next morning, he woke up to a sweet $5 bill under his pillow. :))
Sadly, the next morning was Tuesday.. our day to go home.  But we had quite a few more spots to hit before I was ready to leave town.  That post is coming soon!!

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGG can y'all please plan to all match every single day of life from now on?! THANK YOU!!!


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