Monday, August 15, 2016

The Twins Turn 8!!

On June 20, 2016, our Sharbono twin babies turned 8 years old. 
Baby A and Baby B 
June 20, 2008:

After flying back from our honeymoon, we drove straight to Cabrini.  This was my first look and it was love at first sight!!

Sadie and Rylie.  Best friends from the beginning.

8 years later, they're still just as close, just as beautiful, and just as treasured as they day they came!!

We had a big, bright, beautiful party to celebrate their sweet little lives!! 
(Mr. Billy, this one is for YOU!!  You know how much I love taking pictures of you and your food!!  HA!!)

Jen is so good about making us all eat our fruits and vegetables, hahaa!!

The girls had lots of their friends and family over to party with!!

Singing happy birthday to our favorite 8 year olds!!

Cake and ice cream.. before everyone hit the water slide again!!

I'm convinced of it..  Everyone needs a sister.  (Or two!!)

I found my blog post from their very first birthday..  Soooo liiiiiittle!!
How has EIGHT years gone by so quickly?!

Thank You, Jesus, for Rylie and Sadie - the miracles that they are and the rich blessings they bring to our lives!!  What gifts they are!!  How sweet their friendship!!  Thank You for loaning them to us, for the lessons they have taught us, for the daily reminders they are that You are good and faithful and true.  You are the best Gift Giver!! May their lives be a testimony of Your saving grace, Your mighty power, and Your unfailing love.
 Let their whole life's story tell of You. 
Happy 8th Birthday to my most favorite little twins!!
Lissie loves youuuuu!!


  1. Lissie, Thank you so much for reminding us of all God has done to bless our family. This was such a reminder of His goodness and grace. Love, Mom

  2. It's so hard to remember them being so tiny!!!! Seems like so long ago!

  3. No wayyyyyyyyyy!!! They were the first of all the babies!!! How time has flown!!


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