Sunday, September 25, 2016

Georgia Kate Turns 1!!

A little over one year ago, Megan was pregnant for Mackey baby #2 - Miss Georgia Kate!!  This picture is from her baby shower and we were so excited about her new little bundle arriving so soon!!

Perfect little baby.. Read about her birth day HERE!! 

Such a wonderful day meeting our baby, Georgia Kate!!

One year later and it was time to celebrate her FIRST BIRTHDAY!!  Malchy came, too, to join the fun!!

Cutie little family!!

The kids loved all the new toys to play on at Meggie's house..

..and I loved the education they got from watching the tractors bale up the hay outside, ha!!

Candace and Savannah made some music..

Hahaa, so fun!!

Shan got in lots of snuggles with babies 1..


..and 3!!

They were all so cute playing together!!

Meg made the cutest timeline of Georgia's pictures from each month..

Seeeeriously?!!  Oh my gosh, angel babyyyy!!

CanCan and Georgie!!

Love this sweet family!!

Lissie is no replacement for Mommy, hahaa!!

Outside, there was a water wonderland!!

Emory and Andrew loved sliding down together!!

And then, suddenly, the toys could just not compare to all the fun the mud pit promised, hahaa!!  

Of course, Andrew was on that like white on rice!!

Like little piggies rolling in the mud, these 4 had the best time!!

Soooo dirrrrrty, hahaha!!  We got them cleaned up and headed inside.. 

...because it was TIME FOR CAKE!!

So prettyyyy!!

We sang Happy Birthday and Georgia played around with her cake at first..

Emory's sweet face here kills me... SO ADORABLE!!

And then Justin pushed G's hand in and got her a good, big taste of her cake!!

Hahaha, Emory thought that was the funniest thing EVER!!!

Look at G going to town and Emory with her head thrown back, just thinking how this is the best day everrrr!!

She was so happy to dig into that cake!!

One of my favorite pictures!!!  And Georgia's face is just the icing on the cake!!

Beautiful girl!!

Georgia still eating and Emory still laughing.. hahaha!!

And then it was time for presentsssss!!

Georgia with her Aga. :))

This is us in 2015:

And us again, one precious year later:
Thank You, God, for blessings such as these!!  Babies are proof, again, that You are the greatest gift Giver.  We praise You for Georgia's sweet and happy life and ask that she give her heart and life to you early in life so that she can spend the rest of it telling others about You. I pray she follows closely after You,  finishing well all of the work and purposes You have for her life.  We love you, Georgia!!  Happy First Birthdayyy!!


  1. Boy y'all sure had a lot of kids in one year!!!

  2. Georgie Porgie Puddie Pie!!! What a precious post! Thanks for taking so many wonderful pictures and for loving my babies so much!! We sure do love our Pooles! And I love that the kids play SO well together!! Love you!! And Shan. Eye roll. Haha.


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