Sunday, September 25, 2016

Malachi Turns One!!

On July 23, 2016, we celebrated with some of our favorite friends as their baby, Malachi, turned ONE year old!! What a sweet day, sprinkled with good food, great friends, and one super smiley baby boy!!  Due to a dead battery in the car, I was late to the party.. wahhhh.  But I whipped out my camera as soon as I got there and got to snapping.. look how preeeetty!!  Shan, you did such a good job!!

Beautiful homemade smash cake, lovingly made by Mom!!

Hoorayyyy for first birthdayyyys!

Our favorite Mackey family made it in to celebrate, too!!

"Lissieeee, what in the world is going on?!"

Singing Happy Birthdayyyy..

..but that sprinkled cake is what got his attention!  Ha!!

He wasn't too sure about it at first..

..but quickly warmed up. ;))



Malchy Baby gobbled up his momma's yummy cake!!!

Happy Birthday, you precious little bundle of joy!!

Katie Kate came to celebrate, too!!  Here she is, sharing a cupcake with Nana!!

Megan and Justin Georgia. ;))  SO CUTE!!

G does this really great stink face, but I only caught Justin's in this one!!

Our Folses were there, too!!

Time for presents..

..and Malchy had plenty of help with that. ;))

Suddenly, there were lots of new, fun prizes to play with!!

One of my most favorite things is watching my babies play with my besties' babies!!  It's the sweetest thing and such a special gift!!  They all get along perfectly and it's always a joy to see them play and talk and grow together.. I just love it.

Loved our day together, my sweet friends!!
Malchy Baby, how are you already a year?!  I don't know how it happened, but I'm so thankful for how grown you are and that we got to celebrate your birthday with you!!  ((In Louisiana and NOT in South Carolina!! :))  We are so thankful for your little life and the blessing you've been to all of us!!  You bring a smile to everyone's face and I pray that your tenderness and sweetness draw others to you so that you can point them to the Lord!!  He is all that matters and I look forward to telling you the stories of Jesus.  I pray His truths sink deep in your heart, growing in you a love and deep desire for Him and a passion to grow His kingdom. We love you and look forward to all of our sweet times ahead.  Happy First Birthday, Malachi!!


  1. Yay!!!! Thank you for coming!!
    Dumb battery!
    Malachi means "my messenger" we pray everyday he is fearless when sharing the message of Jesus!!

  2. Love love love love!!!!! I am so so glad that precious Malchy is in Louisiana for us to play with!!


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