Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ocean Commotion in Anacoco!!

At the beginning of July, Heather's church hosted their 3-day Vacation Bible School and Grammie, Jen, Amber and I planned to help out!!  We packed our bags and settled in at Heather's house for the week..  
But Samuel was the most excited. ;))

There's nothing better than front porch sitting with your sister and a cup of coffee!!

Hezzy's house also has the best climbing trees!!

During our stay there, Heather had every single meal planned out and freshly prepared for us.. can we never leave, please?!

Spending three solid days with Amber was theeee bestttt!!  Amber woman, when can we do this again?!

Playing and laughing and talking well into the night.. it reminded me of college 10 years ago!! I miss slumber parties!!

Before we left for our first night at VBS, these two serenaded us with a song they had written themselves. :))

Cutie little cousins.

Heather was the director and Jase was the sound guy.. since when do we have such grown-up jobs at VBS?!

Lots of commotion in this ocean!

Walking into a sea of bubbles in the fellowship hall!!

Heather hand-painted all of these gorgeous sea creatures!!

And had live fish in the middle of the tables!!

Everything just looked amazing!!!!!

The splash-tastic sanctuary!!  Heather, this still blows me away!!  You have such a gift!!

Beautiful Sadie fit right in!!

At 5:00, we had dinner..

And at 6:00, we had worship and VBS was o-fish-ally underway!! ;))

Amber's class!!

 And Lolly's class!!

Craft time!!

The first day turned out beautifully!!  Well done, Hezzy!!

Jen was the music leader and was SO GOOD at it!!

Everyone had a WHALE of a time!!

On our first night together, we got out Quelf, one of my most favorite board games, and had such. a. good. time.  When was the last time you got to play board games with your besties?!  It's so rare for me, but it's some of my most favorite times!!

When else will you be told to play leap frog at midnight across the living room floor?!  Haa!!

After I WON Quelf, we moved on to Pictionary. ;))

...where Jen and I dominated again. ;))  We laughed and laughed because Jen and I prepped for this picture with our winning shot of "Moonwalk"...

...while the losing team tried to get out of taking any pictures at all!!  

0 and 2 is RIGHT!

After a late night, we all woke up to a big and tall glass of this:

Bright eyed and bushy tailed for Day 2 of VBS!!

Mr. Lester came and played his guitar!!  Everyone loved it!!

This was actually a super hard week for Samuel!!  He had just gotten his 15-month shots and it was a roughhh next few days.  This must have been one of his better moments, ha!! Sweet boy!!

Leading worship!!

There was so much to watch, ha!!

Day 2 was just as great.. and immediately upon getting home and putting the kids to bed, we had a few more friends join us for our second round of Quelf!!

You know it's a fun game when someone has to sit under the table!!

Jenny doing a jig!!

I love how the shoe matched Nathan's shirt.. perfect!!

And y'all!!  I WON AGAIN!!  There's absolutely no strategy and no thinking in this game, but I'm SO good at it!! Ha!!  

Day 3 of VBS!!  And these two were the most precious couple.. they took care of Samuel for me the whole time and by the end of the week, Samuel was running away from me so he could get to them!!  It was so sweet!!  Best little friends!!

Our final day:

Callie said the closing prayer!!

We finished out on an abbreviated schedule so that there would be plenty of time for PLAY TIME!!

During the week, there had been a competition going between the girls and the boys in the offering!!  If the girls gave more, Jason would get a pie in the face!!  If the boys won, Heather would get the pie!!  Seeing as there were almost double the amount of girls than boys, Heather felt confident in setting up this challenge, ha!!

This is Jen announcing the amounts given!!!

The girls had given a TON... whooo hooooo!!!


This is Heather, realizing SHE will be the one to get the pie in the face!!  Hahaa!!

All of these pictures of Heather's face are so great to me!! She couldn't believe it, hahaha!!

Gotta take my earrings out for this...

AND THEN Jenny announced that although the boys had given more, Jason knew how much Heather would really hate to have a pie in the face.. and he decided to take it in her place. Waaaahhhhh!!  This was a picture of the mercy and grace we had talked about all week..  How absolutely precious is that?!

True love takes a pie in the face for you. :))

And then Heather CHUNKED IT!!!  Hahahaa!!!

Jason said, "OWW!!!  That was pretty hard for someone who was just shown some mercy!!!" Hahaa!!

And as if this couldn't get any more emotional, Kate started screaming and crying, terrified of her daddy with the whipped cream on his face!!

"Mommyyyy!!!  Daddy looks like a MONSTER!!!!!!!!!"

She was absolutely terrified!!

Thankfully, Daddy got his face cleaned up quickly and Kate was so relieved, ha!!

Sweetest little things ever.

Amber and I worked the face painting station for a little while together.. Kate was our first victim client.

She asked to be a Ninja Turtle..

She was not pleased.  Hahahahaha!!!

But not ALL of our jobs were that terrible, right?!

Hahaha, y'all.  For real.  Don't ever let us near face paint again.

Before we headed home, it was time for one last drawing to see who won the two fish Heather had bought!!  The first one to win??  GRANT POOLE!!!!

The second name she pulled was MELISSA POOLE, to which I almost punched Amber Thomas for putting my name in the bowl, hahaa!!  Heather drew again and precious little Harlie won the last fish!!  Poor Grant.. he liked his fish, but it ended up going home with our favorite Sharbonos.  #meanmommy

A 3-day 2-hour-per-day VBS is where it's at, ya'll!!  Or maybe it was just the director who made it so perfect!!  Everything went seamlessly and it was a joy to be a part of it!!  Heather and Jason's church is one of the sweetest I've ever seen and getting to participate with my mom and sisters and Amber, well that was just the cherry fish on top. ;)) Already looking forward to next year, Hezzy!!


  1. Hez is seriously talented at everything!!!! Love all of the decorations!! And Kate's face at her daddy covered in pie - how funny!!!


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