Friday, September 2, 2016

Our Summer Bucket List

Back in May, the kids and I created a list of all the things we wanted to accomplish together this summer.  Well, today is September 2 and we have three things left to do!!  I don't need the pressure, so I'm giving us the rest of the year to finish it, ha!!  But it has been so fun to check off and scratch out all the things we wanted to do during the Summer of 2016!!

Reading 100 books from the library for their Summer Reading Program was harder than I expected!!  Reading aloud to 4 moving targets can be quite the challenge.  BUT we did it (102 to be exact!), we got our medals, and we checked it off our list.  Meanwhile, we also began reading our first chapter books this summer!! Remember Little House in the Big Woods??

Book 2: Charlotte's Web!!  We finished our second novel!!

We celebrated with this homemade peach pie that looked like a spider's web!!  Just look at that lattice top! ;))

My little spider babies.

To be honest, I don't understand why this one is a classic.  My kids thought it was just okay.. not terrible, but not great.  I'm proud of us for finishing it, even if it did take all summer!  That peach pie got a much higher grade than the book did, though!!  Ha!!

We also role-played:  Here is Andrew as Wilber, carring Charlotte's egg sac home!!  Hahaa!!  So cute!!  After this, we popped popcorn and watched the movie, officially finishing up our time with Charlotte's Web!!

And if you think all we do here is make bucket lists and read books together, this picture is to prove otherwise.  Kate and Grant had a heyday in the boys's room, literally emptying out every single drawer!!!!  MESSSSSS EVERYWHEREEEEE!!  I took a picture just so we could all keep things in perspective of what life really looks like around here. ;))

Another item to cross off on our list??  Breakfast for dinner.  Is it brinner??  Brupper??  Idk, I just know it's gooooood.  And with Wadie's homemade biscuits and my crispy bacon, I could seriously get used to this!!

Grant with Livi, our 5th child, ha!!

Grant was a big fan of breakfast for dinner. 

This was so funny to me!! The kids saw that this recipe is one I had picked out for us to eat one night - Cooking Light's Pasta and Greens.  Umm, yum??  Hahaa, they clearly didn't think so, because this is where I found my recipe!!  Hidden away in the hall closet!!!!  Ssssneaky ssssnakes!! ((I still made it, much to their dismay.  But it was one I should have left in the closet... it was not good!!!  Hahaa!!))

Brother bears.

After Charlotte's Web, which was somewhat of a miss, I knew I needed a book that would be a runaway!!  Something the kids would love and look forward to and beg to keep reading late after their bedtime..  I googled and pinterested, researching what the top books were to read aloud for my children's ages.  One book kept rising to the top and finally, I decided.  We were going to try it!! And I'm so glad we did!!! My Father's Dragon is, hands down, our favorite chapter book yet!!! Y'all!! It is a gem!! It was a book I had never even heard of, but the reviews and blog posts written about this book sold me on it and now I believe every word!!  Interesting, exciting, yet simple enough to easily follow along, this was exactly what we needed!!  We bought the book combined with both the sequels and LOVED ALL THREE!!! I don't think there is set of novels I would recommend more highly for 5-8 year olds!!

In My Father's Dragon, a little boy rescues a baby dragon from an island with wild animals and has to be brave and wise to make it back home!!  One of his favorite things to eat??  Fig Newtons.  The kids didn't even know what those were, so of course, we had to have them.  They were a big hit, too!!  Such a delightful experience!!

I have to laugh at how all of these book pictures are interspersed with pictures of messes.  I didn't do it on purpose, but it is funny how they all happened around the same time and ended up on the same blog post!!  Heather!!  This is what you told me I should do.. document all my messes!!  Well, here you go!  Wade had literally JUST set Grant's cup of chocolate milk down when swoosh.  Grant's elbow sent it sliding across the counter.  But how can you be upset where there's a face that cute?!

And shortly after that, we found Samuel digging in my purse and eating my lipstick.  Ughhhhhhhh.

But, oh, so cute.

Our last novel we read for the summer was Paddington Bear!!  While it was cute and good and an easy read, it was a little bit of a let-down after My Father's Dragon, ha!!  We wrapped that one up quickly and rented the DVD from RedBox!!
Instead of making marmalade sandwiches like Paddington eats, though, I took a shortcut and made cups of ice cream instead!!  The kids didn't mind a bit. ;))  ((Sidenote: the movie was awwwful.  Do not waste your time, it can't even compare to the book!!  Make those marmalade sandwiches instead!!  ;)))
Currently, we are reading through our first history novel ((Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims)) which correlates with what we are learning through the My Father's World American History curriculum!!  Learning and growing through good literature is just my most favorite thing ever.  Can you tell??  ;))


  1. That peach pie!!!!!
    Also LOL at Samuel eating your lipstick!

  2. Can we just come attend Poole Christian Academy?! Pretty sure it's the best school that I know!!


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