Friday, September 9, 2016

Poole Christian Academy 2016-2017

On August 15, 2016, I  registered our private school with the state and our home officially became Poole Christian Academy!!  What a weighty title!!  We bear great responsibility as parents and I feel a double portion of that responsibility as my children's full-time teacher, too.  The importance of my work here and the significant influence it will have on my babies is not lost on me.  Every day, their little lives are being pruned and shaped and molded by Wade and me, with the gracious Holy Spirit as our guide.  I'm thankful for this journey we have been called upon and am encouraged by the fruit we see in our children at such a young age.  While it's not easy (is any worthwhile work ever easy??), it's brought us tremendous joy.. while simultaneously bringing us to our knees.  We can't do it alone.  And praise Jesus, we never have to.  

Being once again called to do His work through educating our children at home, we began our third year of homeschooling!!  The night before, we enjoyed lots of snuggles and piggy back rides..

Brady Bunch-ing it!!  :))

I never would have guessed the Lord would have given us 3 boys, but gosh, I'm so thankful. Thank God that He is sovereign and wise and knows us better than we know ourselves.  My daughter and three sons - you're exactly what I needed.

While we had slowly worked through our workbooks this summer, I couldn't officially start the school year until I took "First Day of School" pictures.  Haa!!  So here is Andrew getting a head start on Kindergarten!! ;))

Somehow all the boys ended up in orange one Sunday morning, and duh..  I had to take pictures!! 

Love my little boys.. and miss my Vannie!!
Wade had brought Savannah to Sunday School an hour earlier, so she was missing for picture time. :(

The night before school would officially begin, I stayed up late and surprised everyone with overnight cinnamon rolls the next morning!!

Welcome to 2nd grade, my Vannie Van!!

Grant isn't starting school this year, but he celebrated with some cinnamon rolls anyway.

Andrew was ready to EAT.. and then work on kindergarten. ;))

Hahaha, this made me laugh so much!!  Y'all.  There were a dozen cinnamon rolls in this pan.  We finished them ALL off so quickly, this pan was still warm when I set it by the sink to be washed.  6 people with big appetites means you better hurry to the breakfast table if you want to get any.

Thankfully, though, this recipe made 2 pans. :))

Homemade cinnamon rolls at 10 AM  in your jammies on your first day of school?!  Yes, please, and thank you.

After breakfast, the kids got ready for school.  And by that, I mean they put on their swimsuits so they could head down the road to our neighbor's pool as soon as they finished their work.  Hahaa!!  It's the homeschool life, y'all!!  We are in love!!

(Sort of) First Day of School!!

To put it in perspective, this is our "First Day" pictures from the last 2 years!!
Fall 2014

Fall 2015

Fall 2016:  ((Are these even the same children?!))

PCA..  What a privilege and an honor it is to teach my children from home.
As this will be my first year teaching 2 children at the same time, I'm excited and nervous about the changes we will have to make this year.  I'm already learning there are some subjects Savan and Andrew can do together, but most of them are NOT, at least at this age!!  Savannah wants to know why Brother's work is always so easy and why he gets to color so much, hahaa!!  Schooling them separately for the most part has been really, really helpful and takes even less time than trying to do it together.  I'm hoping that changes as they grow, but for now, that's what is working best for us..  

Looking forward to all the new growth this new year will bring, we also pray that the Lord will remind us of what's most important.  And I can promise you, it's not telling time or carrying over or finding addends.  Our time here is short and I don't want to waste it.  I want others to see us and long for Him.  I want to be salt and light and a city on a hill.  In all that we do, in all that we learn, may our lives reflect Him, glorifying the greatest Teacher of all.


  1. What recipe did you use??!
    Also when was van so little !!

  2. Little Vannie!!! I can't even stand it!!!!! Why oh why must they grow so fast?! Probably because we mommas couldn't survive toddlers forever. Haha! I love PCA and we want to know when we can join!! FaceTime homeschool?! Perfect!!


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