Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Brinker Brigade Comes to Town!!

At the beginning of August, our three favorite Texan cousins came to spend the weekend with us!!  This was their first time to do this and it could. not. have. been. better!!!!  They were absolute dreams and all of our kids had such a wonderful time playing and being all together!!

Here is dinner at Jenny's one night!!  For a family that started off with so many girls, it's hard to believe that we are now outnumbered by the boys!!  Here are all the little Brinker boy cousins!!  (And ADAM, Heather and Jason's baby boy, will join the ranks soon!!!!)

And the girls!! Just missing our Katie bug!!

My boys LOVED having so many other little boys to play with.. Kurt and Mandy, can y'all please just MOVE HERE?!  I'm telling you, this was the bestttt!!

Since the Olympics in Rio were on tv and we planned to spend the night watching Michael Phelps swim, the kids used a ream of paper to create enough popcorn and popcorn bags to feed the whole neighborhood!!  Hahaa, I love those creative imaginations!!

Gavin didn't love Savannah's hugs and kisses as much as she loved giving them. ;))

Time for the Olympics!!!

Beautiful Lukey!!

Watching Micheal win another gold!!  This was so fun, because the kids were all into it and cheering as they watched!!  So cute!!

And then Pops read the bible story..

...right before it was WRESTLE time. :))

Pops and Grammie with 11 of their grandbabies!!!  How richly the Lord has blessed our family!!

The next morning was August 12 - Katie Kate's THIRD birthday!!  We celebrated by having lunch together at Chickfila!!

It's funny when you have to stand on a chair to fit everyone into the picture!!

Happy birthday to our oh, so enthusiastic, Kate!!

Someone had given Heather a gift card to Chuck E Cheese, so despite my firm refusal (I absolutely will not go to that house of nightmares!!!!!), we all went to celebrate with Kate!!

The gang's all here!!

Following the mouse himself to dance their way to FREE TICKETS!!


..and picture time!!

This was the moment when Kate had to decide whether to high-5 or RUNNNN..  Hahaa, she screamed and tore off in the other direction!!!!!!  She did not like that mouse getting too close!!

Hahaa, but she was still one very happy little girl on her big day!!

EVERYONE had such a good time!!

Jen said this was her most favorite game and we all crowded around.. oh my goshhhh, it was SO FUNNNN!!!  We kept going for the Super Bonus (200 tickets!!), but kept hitting the button too late!!  So we kept getting 3 tickets instead, ughhhh.

Even Grammie tried to win!!

Everyone had to try their hand at it..

..and suddenly, JASON HIT THE JACKPOT!!!!!!!

The whole machine lit up and started spitting out 200 tickets!!!!!

Now this is the way to do Chuck E Cheese!!

Of course, everyone had such a great time!!  We traded in all of our tickets for a handful of Air Heads and enjoyed our sugary treats all the way home.
The next day, we would be traveling to Anacoco, where Heather had planned the most precious little pink party for Kate!!  Those pictures, coming up next!!

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  1. That picture of all of the grandkids with Grammie and Pops seriously makes me tear up!!!!! What a blessing!!!!


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