Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm 30.. and PROUD of it!!

This August, I turned THIRTYYYY!!!  I was honestly more stressed about it at the beginning of this year, realizing it was getting closer and not sure if I was ready to handle this milestone.  I mean, 30 sounds so mature and grown-up and like you have all your ducks in a row.  Is that really where I am in life?! I didn't feel like it!! There was so much more that I wanted to do, to see, to have before I turned 30!!

About a month before my birthday, everything changed.  I had a conversation with someone and was able to articulate my beliefs about something we disagreed on..  Kindly, respectfully, but definitely from a different perspective than the view she had.  While I normally try to keep the peace at almost all costs, I felt prompted, bold, and experienced enough to give and defend my viewpoint.  It was the first time, I think, that I recognized that I have something to offer.  I have experiences to speak from.  I've had hard struggles and intense trials. I've known great joy and profound happiness.  I have things to share.

 I'm not a newlywed or a first-time mom. I'm not new to driving or voting or cooking. I've cried in the valley and I've laughed on the mountaintops.. and I'm just now realizing how beautiful that is.  Clearly, I am still young and have so much more to learn, but I am thankful for that conversation.  It changed the way I saw myself and made me appreciate this birthday in a new way. 30 was nothing to fear, it was something to embrace!!  I've had 30 wonderful years of growing and Lord, I am so thankful!!  What a gift You have given me!! May my heart always be thankful and my spirit forever rejoice in Your goodness.

I was so excited when I woke up on my 30th birthday!!  I immediately started getting ready for the birthday brunch that Jen and Heather had planned for meeee!!  Everyone should wake up like that..  ready to primp, prepare, and dress up for their partyyyyy!!  :))  It was so much fun!!  And look how beautiful!!!!!

Thank you, Casey, for these gorgeous pictures!!


Heather's handmade pineapples.. cutest things ever!!

Wadie said the sweetest prayer ever, even thanking God for my squeals. :))  Oh, how I love that man!!

Everyone sang Happy Birthday and it was just the most precious thing!!  Thank you all for coming to my partyyyyy!!! :)))

Alan skipped work to come celebrate, too!!

It was the best surprise in the world that Megan and Shannon were both able to be there!!  I love these two so much and am so thankful for their friendship!!  Here's to the next 30 together, y'all!!!

And speaking of the best surprises ever, MY DAD CAME IN FOR MY PARTY!!!!!!!!  He had been working in New Orleans and I didn't think he would be able to drive in... but he diiiiiiiid!!!!!  And I cried!!!  He was just the icing on the top of the birthday cake!!  Thank you, Daddyyyy!!!  I love you!!

Look at all of this birthday pineapple-y goodness!!  This was just perfect!!

There was even a little monkey business going on in those leaves, hahaa!!

Time to eaaaaat!!

Nana with the littles.. SO CUTE!!

Heather was the Activities Director, ha!! She planned out a game for us to play - "Who Knows Melissa The Best?!"

Everyone had to answer 20 questions..

..and Heather read out the correct ones!!  Whoooo knows Lissie the best?!

Shocking, right?!  Hahaa!!  MY PRECIOUS WADIE WON!!!!!

We've now been together longer than we were apart, but that's not the only reason why Wadie knows everything about me!!  He asks.  He listens.  He remembers.  He cares.  And he's the only one for me.

A little more monkey business.  :))

Opening presents.. and Heather got me fake eyelashes!!!  Hahaha!!  

I've never worn them, but have always wanted to try them!! This made me so excited!!  {Mom, maybe you can show me how to put them on..??  ;))  Hahaha!!}

This was one of the greatest gifts of my life.. Everyone wrote down what they love about me and it was some of the sweetest, most thoughtful responses.  (Except Jason, who misunderstood the directions and wrote down what he thinks about me.  His two answers??  1. Pregnant and 2. Longest shopper ever.  Hahaha!!!  You've summed me up well, Jase!!)   I read each card over and over and they are currently at home in my nightstand, where I can occasionally pull them back out.  My friends and family make this life so rich!!  I love you all!!

I loved my party, oh, so much!!  Thank you, Jen and Hez, for all of your hard work!!  I will never, ever forget it!!!  And you've set the bar high... I'm going to want to wake up and go to a fancy party for myself every year from now on, hahaa!!

Wade said my birthday wasn't quite complete until we had eaten chocolate cake.. And so late that night, he made me one.  Look at Grant eye-balling it!!  Hahaaa!!

While Samuel was sound asleep in the room next door, the rest of us got plates and spoons, cake and ice cream.  My babies sang Happy Birthday to me, Wade held me, and my eyes filled with tears as my heart overflowed.
How could I have ever dreaded turning 30?? 
 It's the best thing ever.

Father, thank You for this place.  Thank You for guiding my steps and directing my path to lead me here.  You are all-wise and all-knowing and I trust every minute, ever turn and curve, every decision of my life to You.  Remind me often of the gifts and blessings You've poured out on me and let my heart never wander.  Let me look back over my life and see the altars built there to remember the works of Your hands!! It is a joy to be Your servant, a delight to obey Your commands.  Your words are life to me and I desire to passionately live out the calling and purposes You have for me.  May my next 30+ years bring You praise, honor, and glory.  I love you, my precious God!!


  1. Yay!! Such a good party!!! Love you lissie girl!!

  2. That was such a beautiful testimony of your love for God and your love for your family. What a joy to have walked with the Lord for 30 years. That is what life is all about. Thank you for loving Jesus and living for Him. I love you, Lissie! MOM


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