Saturday, October 1, 2016

Katie Kate Turns 3!!

On August 13, 2016, we celebrated Kathryn Jean Kees's third birthday!!!  What joy and delight Katie Kate brings to our lives!!  Dramatic and excited, enthusiastic and energetic, she is a showstopper with her spirited personality!!  Heather threw a small and perfect party (as usual) and we headed to Anacoco to spend the day with our birthday girl!!

Here is a throwback to Heather's baby shower for Kate!!  Heather and Jason were both so excited for their first little baby!!

To read all about Kate's arrival, click here!!

 We loved our big, squishy Kate right from the beginning!!

Kissing those same fat cheeks 3 years later!!

Sadie and Samuel were ready to party!!

The birthday dessert table!!

THE. BEST. Homemade strawberry cheesecakes.

Lolly brought these sweet little bear cupcakes, since Kate kept saying she wanted a "Goldilocks and The Three Bears" party, ha!!

I loved how bright and pink and bubbly this party was!!

Cutie little cousins!!

Who needs a pretty drink?!  Meee!!

Flashback to last year:

And this year!!  Katie Kate loves that momma!!

The kids enjoyed snacking on all of Heather's fruits and vegetables..

..and once they were full of broccoli and strawberries, it was time for some artificial flavorings, ha!!  The kids got to make their own fizzy drinks!!

Jen acted as our mixologist, pouring Sprite over Skittles, while the kids got to create their own special drinks!!  This was so fun and so creative, Hezzy!!

Everyone was so proud of their creation!!

Gotta have salad to go with our 8 extra-large boxes of pepperoni pizza!! Hahaa!

Hil and Lolly!!

After we ate, it was time for cake!!  And cupcakes.  And cheesecakes.  And cake balls.  Two of each, please.  ;))

Happy Birthday to our most precious Kathryn Jean!!

Kate loved having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her, hahaa!!

How everyone should have to blow out their candles on their birthday:

So many little people praying over the food.. absolutely precious!!

Our favorite person to join us for all our Anacoco adventures?!  Our AMBER woman!!  She came to help us celebrate Kate!!!!

Root beers with Dad!!!! :))

Present time!!

Samuel especially enjoyed Kate's new baby doll bottle, hahaa!!

And Kate got her first big girl bike!!!!

Sweet snuggles.

Although it started pouring outside, we moved the party outdoors.. and Samuel could not have been happier:

It was time to hit the PINATA!!!!

Starting with the youngest, everyone got to take a swing..

And since Rylie was the oldest, she got to hit that sucker down and beat it open, hahaha!!!


And everyone went to scrambling, including Wade and Amber, hahaa!!

Fight!! Fight!! Fight!!!

Vannie racked up. We have trained her..  all is fair in love and pinatas. ;))

Katie Kate was so sweet to stop and take a picture.. I think she got like 2 pieces of candy, hahaa!!  #somaybethatwasstrategy ;))

And then it was time for:

Whooooo's going first?!  

Andrew was the first one to get smacked!!

And then everyone needed to be smacked, hahaa!!

We started chanting for the adults to participate, too!! 
Amber!! Amber!! Amber!! 


I was so not putting my face all the way in there, can you tell?!  Hahaa, WIMP!

Noooo moreeee pieeeee!!

Kate had the best time of her life in her little birthday tutu!!

 Uncle Kate with her favorite Uncle Wadie!! ;))

3 years ago to the day:

Oh, Kate!! You are truly something special!!
We were so glad to celebrate with you on your 3rd birthday, Baby Kate!!  It's hard to believe that you're only 3, actually.. You talk and act like you're 13, hahaa!!  Uncle Wade thinks you're a genius!!  You are SO smart, listening to your audio books in the car, sitting quietly for an hour as your mom reads Oliver Twist to you, and quoting your Scripture memory verses.  You probably can recite the Apostles Creed after you finish identifying all of your Classical Art Cards and naming all of the birds in your backyard, hahaa!!  You are so much fun to watch -  You make everyone smile, everywhere that you go!!  
I am praying now that the Lord use your outgoing, enthusiastic personality to teach those around you about Him!!  May God draw you to Himself and you respond, giving all of your days to His service.  Build His kingdom, Kate, as you grow in your knowledge of Him!!  May your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify Your Father in heaven.  You have an extraordinary gift, Katie Kate.. and the world is waiting.
Happy 3rd Birthday to youuuu!!

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  1. Even though I forgot about the party, I felt like I was there with this post!!!


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