Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sandy Smiles and Salty Kisses - Part 1

This year, we waited and waited for September to arrive, counting down the weeks.  We couldn't wait because for us, September meant it was BEACH TIME!!!!!!!!!  We almost always go during the peak season of summer and this was going to be something a little different for us!!  The kids were ready, I was packed a day ahead of time (unheard of!!!), and Wade had 15 glorious days off in a row.  Finally, finally, finally!!!!  IT WAS TIME!!!!!

But first:
A week or so before our departure, we hosted a luncheon for Leonardo and Grace at Savannah's Cafe.  Hahaa, how precious is this?!

Making sure that every stuffed animal we owned had their own personal pillow, the kids made a huge pallet for all their plush friends.  They laid there for the longest time, making sure everyone was cozy and comfortable and enjoying the movie. :))  I love these sweet days of stuffed animals, pallets, and pillows. Savannah rarely even plays dress up anymore (nooooo!!!),  which makes me pay attention and cherish these little girl moments all the more.

Best little buddies.

Wade got his truck stuck in the backyard (Don't ask, ha!!), and the boys went out to take a look!!

This made me laugh and laugh while watching from inside!! Andrew hooked the tow rope up to his bike and tried to pedal that truck out of there, my sweet little boy!!  It was just the cutest thing, I couldn't bear to tell him it wouldn't work!!  Hahaa!! What a big helper he is.. and promises to be!!

Here is Baby Samuel in one of my most favorite outfits Andrew and Grant ever wore..  It was so good to see it out and about again!! I love my little boys!!

After a delightful morning at Monday School, I raced home, loaded up the car, and we headed out!! We made it as far as Chick Fil A and then had to stop, ha!!  We grabbed lunch and then, FINALLY, were on our wayyyyy!!!  We went down to Thibodaux to pick up Nana and spend some time with Paw and Will before leaving the next morning.  Andrew LOVED spending his time playing cards with these two!!

Paw teaching Andrew everything he knows. :))

And they all maaaatch!!!!!  :)))  How perfect!!!

On Tuesday morning, we started out on our journey:  Orange Beach or Bust.
We drove a whole 2 hours before we needed to stop and eat, hahaa!!  We dropped in for lunch at one of our favorite local spots in Alabama..THE SHED!!  Featured on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives years ago, we make it a habit to stop in on our way to the beach.  That big, huge, pork sandwich is what keeps us coming back!!

I love adventures with this crew!!

Another tradition??  Stopping in at Burris Farmer's Market in Loxley.  We always stock up on fresh peaches and pick out a few other treasures that we can't live without, ha!!  It's always so much fun to browse around.. it's much different than walking around those produce aisles at Walmart!!

When you see the enormous, inflated peach, you know you're there. 

Andrew asked to have his picture taken with the big chicken.. and right after this was taken, he swung around and cut the top of his forehead on those metal feathers!!  Ahhh!! Oh, Brother!!

Although we were stuffed from lunch, that didn't stop us from having some of the market's .99 cent bowls of ice cream.. or my favorite, their fresh Apple Dumplings!!  Although Nan got the Strawberry Cobbler and that quickly became another favorite, too, ha!!

About one hour later, WE HAD MADE IT!!!!!!!!!  WE WERE THERE!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness, stop right there so I can take a picture and document this moment!!!!! Hahaa!!  We were all so excited!! 

We stayed at Phoenix West and it turned out to be a gem!!  With a water slide, lazy river, baby pool, zero-entry pool, indoor pool, hot tub, and located ON THE BEACH, it was an absolute dream, especially for the kids!!

Of course, we immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed for the beach!! (Pillow not included, ha!)

This was the first thing Grant did.. tasted that salty air!!!

Grant was 1 the last time he was here and we wondered how he would like it now.  He was definitely hesitant to run right in and preferred the calmer, slower little waves that slid over the sand to touch his toes!!

This was both of the little boys's most favorite place to be!!

Not only was there no crowd, no traffic, and no wait times for anything, but on our very first day, we looked up to see this.  A precious rainbow right above us!!  This trip was truly heavenly, a perfect gift from the Father's hand, and the first time I've felt like I've exhaled THIS YEAR.  

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!

Grant was so cute, trying to decide if he really liked that big and vast open water..

His first step into the Gulf!!!  How cute is that face?!

While Samuel was fearless and ran straight in (just to be knocked underwater by the waves, ughhhhhh), he and Grant both enjoyed sitting in the shallow water together!!

Andrew and Savannah were old professionals at this beach thing.. They loved it from the moment their feet hit the sand!!

Samuel's face is just too much here.. that is one happy baby!!

After we got our fill of the beach, we headed back to take a few rides on that WATER SLIDE!!

Even Grant and Samuel got a turn with Daddy!!

Momma took a few laps around that lazy river and then we all headed inside to try out the hot tub!!  {Because, duh, we needed to experience all the pools as fast as we could, hahaa!  Pacing yourself is for the weak!!}

We turned the jets up as high as they would go and created our very own bubble bath..

Poole party in the hot tub. ;)

Once it was dark, we headed upstairs, ate Frito Pies (shout out to Nan for making sure we were well-fed the whole week long!!  It was such a treat to have her join us!!), unpacked our bags, curled up in our own beds, and drifted off to sleep.. while visions of sun rays and beach waves danced in our heads.
Until tomorrow, lazy river.
Until tomorrow.

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