Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sandy Smiles and Salty Kisses - Part 2

Waking up at the beach has to be one of life's greatest joys!!  There's nothing quite like it.. peaceful, tranquil, and so calming.  The majestic views leave you breathless and in awe. It's so easy to feel the presence of the Lord, so natural for my heart to worship and thank Him when I see that glorious horizon filled only with sea and sky.  Feeling small can sometimes be one the best feelings.  Thank you, Wadie, for making this trip a priority for us!!  My soul needed it more than I can ever tell.

How precious to me are Your thoughts, Oh God!  How vast is the sum of them.  If I were to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. Ps 139

Waking up earlier than normal to enjoy some quiet time, I immersed myself in these three.  THANKS, Meg and Casey!!!! :))

My honey bunches made a trip out to the store that morning to specifically pick me up some decaf coffee (I'm weak, I know!!) and made me the most perfect cup of hazelnut coffee!! Does life get any better than this?!

Ready for Beach Adventure Round 2!!

Whaddya mean I can't swim around in here?!

These shovels provided hours of entertainment for all the kids!!  It was amazing!!

Andrew found all sorts of treasures.. Every single shell he picked up was either a shark tooth or had blood on it from a shark attack. HA!!!

My beautiful little girl!!

Going fishing in the Gulf of Mexicooooo!!

Please look how clear that water is.. you can still see Savannah's legs through the wave!!  It was just PERFECT!!

Andrew was so funny!! When we walked out to into the water, he yelled, "Mom!!!  We found Noah's flood!!!!!"  Hahaaa!!

Best way to spend a summer morning.

All that digging wore Samuel right out!!  But Nana didn't mind holding that tired baby.

He napped right there in Nan's arms, under the umbrella, with the sounds of the waves and seagulls lulling him on.  How absolutely wonderful.

I love these sweet friends!!

I laid in the sun and burned to a crisp right in this spot.  But this was my view.. so it was worth it, riiiiiight?! ;))

After several hours at the beach, we headed upstairs for lunch, where we made the thickest possible sandwiches we could!!  Swimming and digging and laying on the sand is a lot of work, hahaa!!

Sneaky Samuel trying to get Momma's sandwich!!  Back up off, little boy!!

Rested??  Full??  Sunscreened up??  Well, then, it's time to head back down, of course!!

Someone told me just last Sunday that Andrew looks like a mini-man.  She said, "When did Andrew go from that cute little boy to a such a manly man?!"  I really don't know, but I'm holding him tight every chance I get.

All of our little ducks swimming along with us down the river!!

Vannie could have swam all day!!  She LOVED being in the water!!

Little superman!!

Here, fishy, fishy!!

Poole party in the pool!!! :))

As the sun lowered down, the water got cooler and we were ready to head upstairs, get washed up, and head into town for dinner!!

We drove right across the street to Wintzell's Oyster House, a restaurant we last went to almost 7 years ago!!  ((And that's our condo in the background!!))

We love our Nana so much!!

I forgot to take pictures of all our pretty food, except for this one: our appetizers of Fried Pickles and Fried Green Tomatoes!!  Sooo yuuum.  (And the kids each ate a bowl of their award-winning fresh seafood gumbo, voted as the best by an annual competition in Mobile!!  It wasn't as good as my Wadie's -nothing is, ha! - but still so neat!!)

We had a special treat in store for the kids after dinner.. We drove a few miles to a fun arcade place with GO-CARTS!!!  The kids had never been to a go-cart track and they were THRILLED!!!!!!!  Well, all of them, except Samuel, hahaa!!  He only got to take a spin in his stroller. ;))

I'll pay for you to ride go-carts all day if you'll keep making this face, Grant!!  It's the BEST!!  He was sooo happyyyy!!

Only ones on the track and ready to race!!

The boys went first..

..and the girls were a close second!!

Grant got to ride with Daddy afterwards and he took his driving VERY seriously, hahaa!!

This was SO. MUCH. FUN.  The kids couldn't stop talking about it and begged to go back for the rest of the trip!!
But we never made it back to ride go-carts again.. we had too many other fun things in store!!  Day 2 was in the books and Day 3 promised to be a whale of a time!!  ;))  That post, coming up next!!

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  1. Where did y'all go?! I need to convince Jon to stay there!!


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