Friday, November 18, 2016

End of Summer Days

In the middle of our HOT October, the kids did a few things to cool off..

Like staying indoors and playing dress up!!
Here is Nurse Poole!!

And Spiderman Andrew!!

This nurse/patient duo are too cute!!

Another way to cool off??  Going for wagon rides and then enjoying some popsicles on the back deck.

I think they enjoyed them. ;))

Doesn't this little cutie look so fresh and so cool?!

We wrapped up the afternoon by playing in the hose.. such sweet summer days that I love so much!!

And finally, I surprised the kids by having our tent set up under the carport one morning for them to play in!!  Here's my little warrior, Andrew!!

And sweet little Grant!!

Of course, camping out requires shields, spears, helmets, and guns, hahaa!!  What a motley crew I have!!

One super exciting thing that happened this October was Andrew completed his kindergarten math workbook!!!!!!  Since we  gradually worked throughout the summer, he was way ahead of the game this August.. and thus, he completed all of his kindergarten math work by the middle of October!!  Whooo hooo!!  And what does this overachieving mom do??  Order him the first grade math book, of course!!  Hahaa!!  We have slowed it down some, but I love that Brother gets to advance at his own pace..  Homeschooling makes that possible and I am so thankful for it!!

Sweet Samuel joined us at our dining room table one day..

...and while we usually just eat around the island, it was nice for all of us to have a seat around the table together while we ate Taco Soup one afternoon!! 
Full table.  Full hands.  Full hearts.


  1. I think y'all play in the hose more than anyone I know!!!
    Baloo is so smart!!!

  2. That last picture is THE CUTEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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