Monday, November 21, 2016

Fall Bucket List

I'm sure you've seen all the cute Fall Bucket Lists all over Pinterest that you can print out and check off as you complete each activity, like buy a pumpkin spice latte or make an apple pie.  Since the kids and I made our own Summer Bucket List, I only thought it appropriate that we make another one for fall!!  So that's what we did!!  I asked the kids to think about all the things they would want to do this fall and put them on the list.. and while I had to offer a little assistance (no, we aren't just eating pankcakes for dinner every night!), they did a really good job making up our list!!

But first, I had to add this!!  There was a pro-life rally in town and Andrew said he wanted to make his own sign for it.  He brought me a sheet of paper and told me what to write.. and then made the rest himself!!  Hahaa, how sweet is this boy?!  While we didn't bring the sign to the rally, I was proud of the heart behind it!!  This is my little preacher man!!

After sitting down and thinking it through, we had our Fall Bucket List made!!

Even Grant helped think of ideas!!

And of course, I thought it was so cute, and had to take a million pictures of the kids with it, hahaa!!

When we do things like this, my heart is so thankful for 4 babies!!  I love that they can do all of these activities and make all these memories with each other!!

A few mornings later, I had a surprise for the kids..  actually, Samuel had a surprise.  He had pushed a big pumpkin that was on the island to the ground and it had cracked!  It was still intact, but too damaged to carve, so instead of letting it rot, I made a plan.

But first, chocolate milk for all. :))

I wrote up a PUMPKIN MATH page and asked the kids all sorts of questions!! They had to make their guesses and then we experimented to solve the answers.  Like, for example, how many cubes high do you think our pumpkin is?!

We took it outside and got ready to DIG IN.

What would the inside look like?!  How many seeds would we find?!

Would it smell yummy??  Would it feel sticky??  Would the pumpkin sink or float in water?!

Ahhhhhhh!!  Look at all those GUTS!!!

Our piece of pumpkin floated. ;))

My beautiful little scientist.

After cutting and carving and digging and scraping, we had collected a nice little pile of seeds..  which we quickly found was too much to count and we left that one blank, haa!!

We cleaned up outside, washed our seeds off, and got them ready to bake!!

While the seeds roasted in the oven, I talked to the kids about all we had discovered today!!

Love. this. life.

And finally, it was time to taste this labor of love:

What would the verdict be?!!

Pahahaa, Grant was NOT a fan!

We all came to the conclusion that pumpkin seeds are YUCK.  Ha!!  If you have a good recipe, let me know!!  We used butter and salt.. and that did NOT cut it for us!!
While we couldn't scratch anything off our bucket list from today, it just may have to go on our  list next time..  Because pumpkin math is the FUNNEST math!!


  1. Next time I need you to type out the bucket list! I had to click on a picture and zoom in to see it!!!!
    But for real pumpkin math is so cute!

  2. Hahahaha. Shan the diva! And seriously, pumpkin math is adorable!!! I don't think I've ever had pumpkin seeds. I always think about it when we carve...and then throw them in the trash. Haha!


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