Monday, November 7, 2016

Kate's Dance Class

This fall, our cutie little cousin, Kate, joined ballet!!  Her practices are on Thursday afternoons and we decided to drive over and see her perform at the end of her class one week.

Before we left home, I saw this and had to laugh.  Anyone else have enough dirt in their house that your kids can write their names in it?!  Hahaa!!  Time to clean the fireplace!!

Kate was so proud to show us where she goes to dance!!

I stopped to take a quick picture, but these two were so cute, I just had to keep snapping!!

Beautiful girls!!

We got to watch the last 5 minutes of Kate's class and this is what she was doing when we walked in.. so sassy with her little hands on her hips!!

Galloping down the line!!

Picking out a treat from the treasure chest.. no more Wicked Witch rings, eh, Kate??  ;))

So proud of our little ballerina!!
Katie Kate, we can't wait to come back and watch your recital!! 
Heel, toe, heel, toe, slide, slide, slide..


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