Friday, November 11, 2016

Trip to the Zoo!

Early on this fall, we planned a little zoo trip with some of our other homeschool friends!!  Instead of coloring worksheets of a tiger or reading about them in a book, we set out to see them for ourselves!! 

Erin was so smart and printed off a list of animals for the kids to find at the zoo!!  It was a little scavenger hunt.. SO CUTE!!

We heard all of this "singing," which was more like screeches and noisy garbles, ha!!  We raced over to this monkey cage and there they were, just playing, swinging, and making these super loud sounds!!

We were all fascinated!!

Except maybe Landry and Eden, hahaa!!

Landry was terrified of all that monkey business!!

We moved along and got to see all sorts of animals..

...and speaking of monkey business.. ;))

I have to laugh that there are this many children and only 4 mommas!!  We homeschool people like our families BIG!!

We ended our trip with some fun at the playground!!

And then came home to an afternoon of snacks (on the top of my car??!) with Livi!!
We bought our year's membership to the zoo this day, too, because with the weather finally cooling off and making for super gorgeous fall days, I'm planning on spending lots of time there!!  There's nothing that the kids enjoy more.. or anything that wears them out faster! ;))


  1. Cherish these memories, Lissie! It won't last long and they will be taking their own families to the zoo!! LOVE, MOM

  2. Is this the trip y'all spent 30 minutes waiting on me? 😳
    It looks so much fun!

  3. So much fun! We need to come for a zoo trip again soon!!


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