Friday, December 23, 2016

Operation Christmas Child

You know how you can fill up those shoeboxes for the Samaritan's Purse every year.. Operation Christmas Child??  I always love the idea, but somehow never actually get around to making it happen. Well, this year, precious Grammie picked up shoeboxes for all the kids and decided to take them all shopping to pick out things for their box!!  The kids were THRILLED!!  They enjoyed this SO much..  They all gathered in the living room, laid out all of the items they had picked out, and began to pack it up!!

Of course, everyone had to pack a bible first!!  It was most important!!

Precious Rylie!!

Callie cut up wrapping paper to use around these little light-up glass churches they had picked out!!

Heyyyy!  I want one of those!!

Grant wanted to keep a light-up glass church, too!!  Ha!!

Grammie got everyone's boxes exactly as they should be and gave them each $7 to ship it..  Thank you, Mom!!  What a sweet and wonderful experience this was to do together!!
This kicked our holiday season off.. and what a beautiful way to begin!!


  1. We did this, too!! It was so much fun. I need to track ours to see where it went!!


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