Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Our Favorite Fair - Part 2

After a wonderful night in Anacoco, we woke up to the smell of bacon cooking and beignets frying!!  Heather and Jason had prepared a wonderful breakfast for us so we could fill up and prepare for our big day!! 

Eating outside at the picnic table is just my favorite!!

And this is how we breakfast at Hezzy's:  Homemade blueberry beignets, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, a cup of hot coffee and a cup of warm apple cider..  Can we please do this everyday?!

Oh yes.  And grapefruit and orange slices sprinkled with cinnamon.  So refreshing and delicious!

Once we were all dressed and ready, I tried to get a few pictures of all the kids together..

Y'all know group pictures are Grant's favorite thing ever.

Look at those beautiful smiles!!

Nothing like Uncle Wade dancing around to make everyone happy and giggly!! :))

Little cowgirl trying to keep up with the big boys!!

So picture-taking took longer than expected and it was already lunch time, ha!!  We had big bowls of gumbo..

...and then it was time for everyone to get their shoes (and hat!) on!!  How cute is this little grown-up girl?!

Before we left, we had a little surprise for the kids!! We had set up a little scavenger hunt filled with clues to lead the kids all over the house..

Savannah read the clues and then they all took off running to the new clue together!!

It ended at the front door...

..where the kids had to knock and scream, "TRICK OR TREAT!!!"

Hezzy let them in, where everybody had an envelope with their name on it..

..and inside was MONEY!!!!

A whole $2 for them to spend however they wanted to at the fair!!  :))

They were over-the-moon excited!!  Those big smiles and happy faces were worth way more than $2!!

With money in tow, we made it to the faaaaair!!  {Hahaa, please look at Samuel.  He was over it before we had even begun!!}

First we had to ride the carousel!!  This ride was covered by our favorite Anacoco judge!! Thank you, Uncle Lester!!!

Next, Grant and Kate decided to use their money to buy tickets to the Cars Track!!

I could not get over Grant's huge smiles!! Kate wasn't so sure at first..

Brother and Van got to ride, too!!

Kate quickly learned to love it as they whipped around those corners!!  Their giggles were the absolute best!!  Hands down, this was the best ride at the fair for us!!

They had ridden this same ride last year.. and I'm thinking it's going to have to be tradition.  At least until they can't fit in there anymore.

Andrew chose to spend his money on the Monster Truck ride!!

My sweet little man, just driving like a big boy!!

And this was Vannie's choice!!  The helicopter ride!!  Since Brother was at the Monster trucks, Grant and Kate got to accompany Vannie!!

They loved going up and down on those rides!!

After everyone's money was all gone, we headed to see the farm animals - my favorite part!!

This was right up Samuel's alley, too!!

He loved seeing all the animals..

Savannah said, "Mom!!  Let's call this one 'Wilber!!'  Ha!!

Grammie was back in her element with all the horses and cows!!

This was just so adorable to me!!  Katie Kate loved looking at that pretty brown cow!!

We got close enough to pet him, too!!  Such a nice little, big cow.

And of course, we had to go pet the horses!!

Lastly, we went see all the award-winning cakes, cookies, jams, jellies, pickles, you name it!!  Gotta love a country fair!!

Meggie, look what I found at the fair!!  Lots of little firemen!!

Uncle Justin would be so proud!!!

After we had all the fun we could stand, we headed back to Hezzy's to pack up and head home.  But first - brownies and ice cream. :))

Hezzy, you're just the best!!  Thank you for a wonderful trip!!
Our favorite fair, round 2, was in the books.  We never went to the fair growing up and don't even go to the local one here in town, ha!!  But when we get to eat like royalty and enjoy free rides and pet friendly cows, the Leesville Fair is clearly nonnegotiable. ;))  See you next October!! 

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  1. So much fun!!! I love that you guys gave them two dollars!


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