Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Great Pumpkin Patch

On October 21, 2016, our homeschool co-op planned a trip to the local pumpkin patch!!  Wade, sadly, was working, but this was a trip I didn't want to miss out on.. so Heather came over with Kate and we got all the little children ready for our adventure!!

Cutest little pumpkins in the patch!!

Bright in our orange and happy in our hearts!!

Everything was so fall-ish and festive and so much fun!!

The kids got right to work, picking out their pumpkins..

..and, of course, only the absolute biggest will do.

Hahaa, this is our friend, Emma, and her face picking up her pumpkin was so hilarious to me!!

We love our little co-op friends!!

And Shanny and Malchy got to come play, with Alice' and Mac, too!!! 

How absolutely adorable is this?!

Best little buddies!!

The pumpkin patch people rounded us all up for a little story time..

..and read us a story about a pumpkin!!  Here she is, showing us a pumpkin seed!!

Sigh.  My teacher's heart was so happy.

Afterwards, the kids gathered around the tables to decorate their pumpkin craft!!

Love loved this one!!

And once you were finished with your craft, everyone got cookies and milk water.

I think the snack time was these two's most favorite part, ha!!

Even baby Adam got a decorated face!!  ;))

Lastly, Grammie and Pops treated us to whichever pumpkins we picked out.. so we rolled them up to the lady and checked out!!

We were just missing Mandy and Jenny and the Sharbono babies!!

I love my life with these littles..
I've decided pumpkin patches are some of the happiest places on Earth.  Can we all just move to the country, start farming, and sit in our homegrown pumpkin patch all year round?!

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  1. Kate is cracking me up in yalls family photo! No paparazzi please!!!! Ha!
    Also it looks like I'm not wearing any shorts 😂
    Thank you for inviting us! We had so much fun!!


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