Saturday, January 14, 2017

Baby Adam's Baby Shower!!

On November 23, 2016, we had a baby shower for Heather and Adam Paul at a darling new place in Alexandria, the Le Bistreaux Waffle and Coffee Bar!!

We all got steaming mugs of delicious coffee..

..and sat in the front corner, watching the pouring rain, girl talking, and soaking in our time with Hez before Baby Adam's arrival.

Beautiful big sister, Katie Kate!!

Kellie was such a trooper and even let Vannie eat her cinnamon rolls on her lap!!  Thank you, Kellieeeeee!!

We played, "Which Baby??" where I asked questions about Heather and Jason as babies.. like which one weighed more, which one had a longer delivery, which one was supposed to be named, "Elizabeth."  Hint.. it wasn't Heather!  Hahaa!!  Hilary wonnnn!!!!

The PRECIOUS ladies working at the restaurant brought us over 4 plates of these Sweet Potato S'more Waffles!!  For free!!  Since most of us had only ordered coffee, this was a perfect addition!!  Thank youuuuu, Le Bistreaux!!  We will be back, if only because of your kindness!!  Well, and also because this was DELICIOUS.

It's going to be so fun to watch girly Hezzy dress up a little BOY!!!  With this vest, though, she's off to a great start!!

Such a sweet, no-stress, perfect shower.  Can we do this every week?!

Jenny made America's Test Kitchen's cupcakes... with Kerry Gold butter and Ghiradelli Chocolate.  Hahaa, only the very best will do for our Hezzy!!

Praying over Heather, Jason, Kate, and Adam's oh-so-soon arrival..

I asked Van to tell me who some of her favorite friends at church were.. And Kellie and Kristen were right at the top of that list!!  She runs to give them hugs every single Sunday and I could not love that more!!  They are so very precious - thank you for loving my girl!!

Love my Hezzy and am so excited for Baby Kees #2!!!!!!!

I asked Van to take a picture of us holding our bellies and this is what she took, hahaha!!  This is not what I meant, BUT I actually really, really love it!!
Hezzy was about 36 weeks and I was around 9!!

Sweetie little cousins.
Baby Adam did arrive safely and swiftly, just as we had prayed for him to come!! But he did make us wait past his due date of December 15!!  That post will be coming soon! :)) Thank You, Lord, for sweet friends and precious memories, coconut coffee and cupcakes, sisters and babies on the way!!  You are so good to us!!


  1. This is the sweetest little shower!!! I love it!! I want to go there for breakfast!!

  2. Uhhhhhh funny that that is the picture van took!! It's like Amelia bedilia!!


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