Monday, January 30, 2017

Casey's Christmas Party!!

'Twas a night before Christmas
When all through the house
Were the sounds of little girls
Eating pizza and candy canes, sipping on cider and hot cocoa, reading stories and having dance parties, lounging in their pjs and entertaining each other with lots of laughs and lots of girl talk!!

Casey, Landry, and Briley threw a fancy Christmas pajama party for all our little girls!!

Briley didn't know what to do with so many little people everywhere..

.. but she quickly warmed up to it!! Hahaha!!

Beautiful Kasie, Kaylee Grace and Kate came..

Jenny and all her girls were there, as well as Hezzy and Kate!!  It was such a sweet group of mommas and their baby girls!!

It's not really a party until there's pizza. ;))

Everyone wore their jammies and enjoyed a little girl time..

And after dinner, they got to pick out a fancy teacup and have a little hot chocolate!!

Hezzy came prepared with a box of Christmas books (does this surprise anyone??  Hahaa!!)  She read The Legend of the Candy Cane to 8 little ladies!!

And these girls LOVED IT!!!!!!

Hez, you've inspired me!!  I paused from typing out this post to add this book into my Amazon cart!! Haha!!  It was so sweet!!

Everyone loved snacking on candy canes while reading about where it came from!!

After the story, the girls got a little refill on their drinks..

..and we headed into the living room for some play time!!

Kate begged Heather to read to her again, ha!! So sweet!!

Y'all, how did we even get on apple cider vinegar?!!  Hahaa, somehow it came up and everyone needed a little shot of it..

The faces of those trying to be healthy.. hahaha!!

I love how all these little girls have each other to grow up with!!  To help out, to look up to, to enjoy being with..  what a precious gift.

Our sweet sisterhood!!

Hahaa, and of course, a silly picture to end the night with!!
This was such a great night, filled with giggles and cheer and jolly little ladies.  Casey, thank you for having us over and filling our hearts with joy!!  The pampering, the merriment, even the popcorn on the way out was so needed and reminded me of how simple things, like hot chocolate and a good book with great friends, can sometimes mean the most.

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  1. This is so sweet!!! Casey did such a good job planning!


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