Monday, January 2, 2017

Fall Getaway - Part 2

The next morning, Hezzy woke up to a cup of coffee and bible time with Grant and Kate!  She had to leave early for a check-up, so we enjoyed just sitting and visiting before she left!

After a breakfast of Wadie's egg and sausage biscuits, we headed outside!!

Exploring their "tide pools!"

Just 19 months apart and seriously, the most adorable of friends!  They look for each other as soon as one wakes up and get SO EXCITED when the other one wakes up, too!!  They hug and snuggle for awhile and then eat breakfast together, regardless if Van and Brother are up yet.  Sometimes they will both just lay on me and smile at each other.  Sweetest. thing. ever.

My most favorite boys.

And my favorite girl!!

The water was too cold to get into, but we did build a snowman out of sand/mud, ha!!

Grant loved seeing all the butterflies again..

So pretty.

We walked to a neighboring street and saw this gorgeous house up for sale.. so of course, as potential home-buyers, we needed to take a look. ;))

We could be home, sweet home, right here!!

The kids fell in love with that green, green grass!!

After a long hike back, we rested at the camp for awhile, before heading back down to the pier, for - you guessed it!!  The sunset!!

Grant was so proud of himself for carrying this huge rock down to the water!!

He couldn't wait to throw it in and see the big splash!!

Wouldn't you have loved to be out on that boat right then?!

We love getting to see the last tiny bit of sun before it completely disappears..

Ahhhhh.  Thank You, Lord, for the simple gift of sunsets.

Wade had gone to the store earlier to pick up something to cook for dinner.. he ended up making the most delicious steaks with broccoli and mac and cheese!!  Oh my goodness, it was exactly what we all needed to end the day!
This was our last night before heading home the next afternoon.. why do our trips to the camp always go by so quickly??  We soaked up the rest of this night with lots of Food Network Channel, Disney Jr, and deep sleeping in those king-sized beds!! :))  Our last day there, coming up next!!


  1. You better not move to Toledo bend!!!!

  2. YUMMMMMMM! What a perfect camp dinner!!!


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