Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Finally Time!!

It was that time againnnnn!!! 
Time to head to Lowe's in our tennis shoes and work-out pants (our down-to-business, let's-get-serious outfits), smell the piney forest, and examine each and every tree to find the perfect one to bring home!!  Time for Christmas tree shopping!!!!

It's also time to revisit our Christmas Pasts with a little flashback of these yearly adventures:
Starting us off in 2009, here is our little Vannie Grace!!  (I totally agree with you, Meg!!  LOVE a baby with a paci!!!)

One year later, we were back again!

In 2011, Brother joined us in the forest..

2012 must have been an off year for us, because I can't find any pictures from it, ha!!  But here we are, back at it in 2013:

2014.  Maybe this is where Grant's dislike for group pictures began..

2015.. goodness, how our family grew in 6 short years!!

And 2016!!!!  We will have a 6 month old addition to our party next year..  So hard to believe and SO EXCITING!!!

It took us about 4 whole minutes to find our tree!!  It's amazing - the more kids we have, the faster we are able to pick out our perfect tree, hahaa!!

YES!! I'll take them all!!

Measuring how tall she is compared to the Christmas trees.. (and holding her colored lights she asked and looked forward to this whole season, ha!!)

Grant with his box of lights, too!!

I say this all the time, but everyone needs a Vannie!  She is so much help to me!!  I'm thankful for how much she loves and takes care of those baby brothers.. (And she also says some of the funniest, grown-up things!  Like last night, when Wade got home, he asked us if we had had a hard day and without missing a beat, Savannah said, "You don't know the half of it!!"  I just looked at her in amazement and laughed and laughed!!)

Wade has an elephant's memory.. he literally does not forget a thing. I never question him about anything from the past, because he is alwaysssss righttttt, hahaa!!  And he remembered that last year, after picking out our tree, we picked up Pizza Hut pizzas and ate at home together before getting all of our Christmas stuff out to decorate!!  We thought that would make for a pretty great tradition, so we did it again this year!!  Picked up Mommy's most favorite pizza (thanks, Wadieeee! :)) and headed home for an easy dinner, getting our energy up for a night full of decorating!!
Now that our tree had made it home, our bellies were full, and our hearts were happy, it was time to head up into the attic to find those boxes marked "Christmas!"  It's our most favorite time of the year..
 and it had officially begun!!

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  1. That better be stuffed crust pizza or else wadie shouldn't be eating it backwards!!!
    Also I think every blog you put that you can't find a picture from that year that it was an off yr. 😂


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