Thursday, January 5, 2017

Poole Baby #5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once we returned home from our trip to Toledo Bend, and before we had even unpacked our bags, we wanted to let the kids in on a little secret...

This past summer, Wade and I decided NOT to decide about any future children.  If the Lord wanted a 5th baby for us, we wanted that, too!!  If our family was complete with these 4 babies, we trusted the Lord with that!!  We were completely content with whatever He desired for us and our family, having learned time and time again that HE KNOWS BEST.

And so, just a few days before we took our getaway trip, I took a pregnancy test with Wadie.. and immediately those two precious pink lines popped up.  Baby #5 was on his/her way!!!!!!!!!!! {Arriving around June 22, 2017!!} We called all the kids to come get on the couch because Mommy and Daddy had some exciting news..


Hahaha, I have to admit, while I expected the kids to be thrilled, I didn't expect this!!!!

Their smiles made Wade and me so happy!! ((And I'm not sure why Grant is playing with knives. :/ I'm so sorry, I didn't even notice when we were taking pictures, hahaa!! Good luuuuck, Baby #5!!!))

We were all jumping and screaming... which, in this house, means its time for a wrestling match. ;))

Samuel may not have known what was going on, but he sure was excited about it, haha!!  My sweet baby boy is the baby baby no longer.. except that he is and always will be. :))
I suspected I was pregnant around 4 weeks, took a test around 7 weeks, and went for my first doctor's appointment at 9 weeks.  I had a migraine (almost always one of my first signs of pregnancy, ha!) and then the nausea began. :((  I was sick for the first 12 weeks, waking up well but getting worse and worse as the day went on.  Precious Wadie cooked for our family for 10 weeks straight - I couldn't stand the sights or smells of the kitchen!!  

However, on the day I turned 12 weeks, I began to feel better!!  You don't realize how much you take for granted until you don't feel well..  Finally, in my second trimester, the nausea and fatigue were gone and my energy was coming back!!  I don't think I did a day of school during those 10 weeks and it's a good feeling to be ahead and know you can give yourself the break!!  No school from Thanksgiving to New Years may be tradition from here on out! ;))

I'm currently 16 weeks and in that awkward 'is she pregnant or just pudgy' stage, ha!! I wake up everyday with a headache and get them constantly throughout the day.  Between those and the bad veins in my legs that are so sore by the end of the day, this has definitely been my hardest pregnancy.  I guess that's what happens with baby #5 though, ha!!  Kudos to all the mommas who can keep going, I think you are amazing!!  

So in case this is my last pregnancy blog announcement, let me end with this:  
We are beyond thankful.  We are beyond blessed.
That the Lord would deem Wade and I worthy to be parents to 5 of His precious creations is humbling and a role we take seriously. 

No matter how many questions I get at the grocery store or how many crazy looks I get from the neighbors or how many loooong days we have at home, they can't compare to watching my girl underlining verses in her Bible.. or seeing Andrew take care of Samuel.. or discovering Grant's dimples get a little deeper everyday.. or hearing Samuel laugh from the bottom of his belly.  

How can I explain all of this in 3 seconds to the lady asking, "Are all those kids yours?!" or to the man asking, "You do know how that happens, right?!"  It would take all the time in the world for me to explain just how much of a gift my children are to me.. so instead I will smile, look down proudly at my FIVE babies and say, "Yes! Yes, they are all mine. And we are beyond thankful. We are beyond blessed."


  1. Yayyyyy!!!!! Thank you Jesus for another baby!!!

  2. There couldn't be any better parents for these 5 precious Poole babies!!!! What a blessing!! "Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward." Y'ALL ARE BLESSED!!

  3. And Grant with knives. Hahahaha!!


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