Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Adam Goes Home!!

The day after he was born, December 22, Heather and Adam were discharged from the hospital..  And the day after that, Adam got his first visitors at home!!

Andrew and Adam.  How precious!!

Grammie and her thirteenth grandbaby!!

Adam was sleeping in some deep heavenly peace, ha!! 

Hezzy, can I stick your 2-day old, fresh-born baby in your Christmas stocking??  Okay, perfect. 
Hahaa, but look at that little smile!!  Adam loved it!!
Merry Early Christmas, Baby Adam!!  You were the best gift under the tree!!!!!


  1. Lissie !! So precious baby Adam !! Love , mom

  2. You are so wrong for that last picture hahahaha!!!!! But that's crazy she went home the next day!!


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