Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Christmas Eve 2016

On Christmas Eve 2016, the kids and I woke up and got busy making their favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes!!

Samuel just loves his "Big Drew!'

"Mom!!  Look at my sword I made!"  Hahaa, this is the #momofboys life!!

Savannie was my little helper and got to flip all our pancakes!! These pancakes must have been my batch - no chocolate chips for me! Just peanut butter and syrup on top, please!! ((I still haven't convinced the kids that my way is better though, ha!!))

Soooo, Wade had to work Christmas Eve and when we got up that morning, we realized that we had just used ALL OF THE TOILET PAPER.  Since everything starts closing on Christmas Eve and would be shut down at least for 24 hours, I started dying!!  What were we going to do?!  I texted Megan and Shannon and they both laughed.. and then Shan called to say that Jon was on his way!!!!!!  Jon drove all the way out to our house to bring us the most needed Christmas gift of all!!  Thank you so, so much, Shanny and Jon!!  Y'all are the best!!  And here is my picture to always remember the FIRST GIFT OF CHRISTMAS!!  Hahaha!!

I've decided to make it a tradition where the last day that Wade works before Christmas, the kids and I use that time to fill up our Christmas platters with cookies!!  We found all of our cookie cutters, pulled out the wooden board and rolling pin, and turned to Pioneer Woman's Christmas Cookies with Buttercream Frosting recipe.. our favorite!!  Of course, the kids beg to do this the whole month, so when it's finally time, they are overjoyed!!

Believe it or not, this was a candid shot.. And it's one of my most absolute favorites!!

Samuel had had enough fun, so he took a nap, while these 3 got busy decorating their cookies!!

This is from last Christmas.. look how little! Oh my goodness!!

And this year!!  GRANTTTTTTT!! Hahaa!!

I hear that Andrew is the spitting image of his daddy and I see it most of the time.. but right here, he looks so much like Kurtie to me!!!

7 year old Vannie Grace and just as cute as can be!!

My three little elves, hard at work!!

Grant was so proud of himself!!

 Our gorgeous cookies.. ;))

In case you need to see last year's cookie adventure, click here!! It was so sweet to see how much they've grown!!  Christmas cookie making is always SO MUCH WORK, which is why we only do it once a year, ha!!  I have to mentally gear up and prepare myself.. but it's SO WORTH IT when the time does finally get here!! Just look at those happy faces!!

That night, after Wade got home from work, we piled all the kids up in our bed..

Wade told them we were going on a pilgrimage.. a journey to Bethlehem.  He read the beginning of the Christmas story and then told them to get ready!!  It was time for us to go find Baby Jesus!!

Outside we go, into the cold and dark night..

Wade read how the donkey carried Mary through the town.. Can you spot my 3 little donkeys??  Ha!!

What a precious, precious Daddy.

And in that dark sky, where the stars shine their brightest, the biggest, most brilliant star in the east stopped over the stable!!  Can you find it up there?!

There was the bright star!!!!  Right over our house!!  Hurry inside to see the newborn King!!

We found Him!!  We found Jesus!!  In swaddling clothes and surrounded by all his animal friends!!

We whispered and ohhed and ahhed... and then quietly sang a few Christmas hymns together.

What a beautiful night to remember and cherish the birth of Jesus, our God, Savior, and Great Deliverer!!

Everyone got a chance to snuggle baby Jesus...

Crazy looking baby, I know.  This is what happens your daughter tries to put make-up on her dolls, hahaa!!

After we prayed together and thanked God for sending His Son for us, we got ready to open ONE gift on Christmas Eve.  And just look at Vannie and Samuel!  How sweet!!

We try to find gifts we can all do together as a family on Christmas Eve, whether that be a movie, a board game, or in this case.. BOOKS!!

Everyone got to open a brand new book!!!!

Since Samuel and Grant's were picture books, we snuggled by the tree and read them under the Christmas lights.

These two are AMAZINGGGGGG BOOKS!!  We started them a few days later but the kids begged to keep reading, so we finished them both within 2-3 days.  I would recommend them for kindergarten/first graders.. These go on my list as some of our most favorites!!

Unbeknownst to Vannie, she would be getting the board game that matches this book the very next day!!  Anybody else remember playing Uncle Wiggily?!!  It's a game from my childhood and one that brought back so many memories when we opened it to play!!
Christmas Eve really is just as treasured as Christmas Day to us.. To literally do nothing but spend time together was pure bliss and an absolute joy..  And our Christmas Day pictures are coming up next!!

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  1. This is so sweet!!!!
    So glad Jon could save the day... and thanks for the pancakes! You let me know when we need to come back for more!!!


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